Last night Albanian diva and Eurovision 2011 contestant Aurela Gaçe and relative newbie Young Zerka  won the popular Albanian music contest Kënga Magjike with their rhythmic song “Pa kontroll” (No control).

Adrian Hila, the composer of the 2005, 2007 and 2008 Albanian Eurovision entries wrote and composed “Pa controll”.

Kënga Magjike 2014 Top 5:

1. Aurela Gaçe & Young Zerka
2. Vedat Ademi
3. Rosela Gylbegu
4. Endri & Stefi Prifti 
5. Kejsi Tola

Kënga Magjike 2014 Awards:

Best Group: Bon Bon Band
Best Ballad: Rosela Gjylbegu
Critic’s Choice: 
Vedat Ademi
Endri & Stefi Prifti
Kënga Hit: Aurela Gaçe & Young Zerka
Best Interpretation: Genta Ismajl
First Magic: Rezarta Smaja
Best Singer: Kledi Bahiti
Best Dance: Kastro Zizo
Internet’s choice: Çiljeta Xhilaga
Trend: Anjeza Shahini
Best Duet: Leonora Poloska & Kanita
AMC: Erik Lloshi
RTV 21: Big Mama
Production: Kejsi Tola
New Artist: Elgid Doda
Best Vocals: Renis Gjoka
Klan: Rovena Dilo
Best performance: Orinda Huta and Landi of West Side Family

This isn’t Aurela Gaçe’s first win in Kënga Magjike. She won back in 2007 with “Hape veten” (Open yourself). She adds yet another victory to her growing roster of achievements! Anna Oxa (ESC Italy 1989) was there at the Pallati i Kongreseve and performed with Ardit Gjebrea. The Albanian representative for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest Kejsi Tola came 5th with her hot single “Iceberg”, which we just adore.

What do you think of the winning song? Please comment down below! 

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Bledar Leka
Bledar Leka
9 years ago

@D, they can’t use this because it’s on another TV station called Klan TV. The Albanian broadcaster for Eurovision is RTSH, so unless Klan joined the EBU and became the Albanian representative broadcaster then that won’t happen

9 years ago

Oh, this is frickin awesome. Wow!

9 years ago

I followed the kenga Magjike yesterday. I believe that Kejsi Tola`s Iceberg (an AMAZING song) won the Production award.

9 years ago

Eh, I think last year’s winner “Tatuazh ne zemer” was way better but this is still fine. Kenga Magjike could definitely give Albania better placings at Eurovision, I wish they used this.