Incredibly 2014 is almost up. And that means one thing – the return of “Team Wiwi’s Top Tracks of The Year”. Just like in 2013, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite releases and recordings by Eurovision stars. Songs which competed at Eurovision or national finals were excluded (they’ve been analysed to death in our jury reviews), as were artists who’ve never made it to the Eurovision stage (sorry Ace and Adelén). And this year we’ve decided to supersize and create a Top 50 – there was just too much great music for us to ignore. So #JoinUs as we begin our daily countdown. We start with numbers 50 through to 46.

50. “Give Me A Reason” – The Common Linnets

What we said: “Give Me A Reason” continues the honkey tonk, bluegrass theme the group threw down in Copenhagen. And we’re not just talking about the music. They filmed the video in a barn surrounded by farm animals, old tractors and rustry trucks. You don’t get more country than that! There are moments when Ilse shows shades of Dolly Parton, and the lyrics smack of country gal perseverance. Ilse has never looked better. We would dance around the barn with a lady like that any time. (Daphne)

49. “Cocktail” – Tooji

What we said: Tooji has gone filthy on his new song. Though it’s not clear why the central hook of the song focuses on the double entendre complicit in a ‘cocktail’. While the opening quote may focus on a theme of girl power and feminist empowerment, lyrically the song is fairly pedestrian swag-and-club-boy Scandipop. “We be rollin’ on a street night, pump that stereo,” Tooji beckons through the refrain and over the top of the pulsating synths. In a way the song is very non-Tooji. (Angus)

48. “Holding On” – Carl Espen

What we said: Even though “Holding On” touches on a torturous breakup, it departs swiftly and surely from Carl’s Eurovision entry. He’s upped the tempo and gone slightly more pop. Drums and keyboards define the ambiance, which is perhaps best described as easy listening rock with a flash of lounge. The lyrics smack of love, perseverance and knowing when it’s time to go. Carl delivers beautifully. (Sami)

47. “Suspans” – Cristina Scarlat

What we said: The dance number marks an unexpected turn for the Moldovan singer, known mostly for her brooding ballads. While “Wild Soul” was a hymn dedicated to the the complexity of human nature, “Suspans” is a Romanian-language love story set to a funky beat. Miss Scarlat proves that she is not only a voice to be reckoned with but also a versatile artist who can bring it on the dance floor as well. (Bogdan)

46. “Thunderbolt” – Ktree feat. Robin Stjernberg and Flo Rida

What we said: As with other EDM tracks currently sweeping the music market, “Thunderbolt” lacks ingenuity. The vocals are over processed and Flo Rida’s guest appearance adds no value. It actually detracts from proceedings and prevents the song from having any sense of cohesion. Flo Rida appears to have phoned in his rap contribution and pasted it onto the dance beat. What’s worse is that the production elements overshadow Stjernberg. Autotune renders his unique voice irrelevant. (Deban)

Do y’all agree with our list so far? What changes would you make?

Click HERE to see the top 50 so far or listen to our special playlist on Spotify.

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7 years ago

Hey, what’s the point of putting Thunderbolt at 46 if you’re going to make it sound worse than the 4 songs below it? :/

7 years ago

Geta from 2008 – Pot Fi is a good song.