Christmas is upon us, and in recent weeks we have shared some of our favourite holiday covers from Eurovision stars. It’s the perfect background music while you’re decorating the tree and cooking that turkey. Now it’s time to put away the Christmas classics that all you English speakers love and introduce you to some foreign-language songs sure to warm the heart. Enjoy!

1. Carola – “Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus”

We kick off our list with this beautiful Swedish song from the queen of the wind machine, Carola. Our lady, who won Eurovision in 1991, will enchant you with this snowy, heart-felt ballad. It translates roughly as “Now are lit a thousand Christmas candles”. She’ll light y’all up as well.

2. Emmy – “Im Nor Tari”

Let’s move to Armenia, and enjoy this song from Emmy, who thankfully left the boxing gloves in Düsseldorf. “Im Nor Tari” (My New Year) is a cute song full of youthful vigor. It’s a great alternative to “All I Want For Christmas”.

3. NOX – “A tél dala”

NOX made pop music based on traditional Hungarian melodies and of course they had a Christmas song. “A tél dala” (Song of Winter) is a beautiful piece and it’s all about love and peace with a flute in the background. That’s just so Emmelie de Forest (and Zeljko Joksimovic). They sing about the perfect Christmas spent with family. Hopefully y’all will experience something similar.

4. Sakis Rouvas – “Xronia polla”

Our next stop is Greece and our guide is Mr. Sakis Rouvas, or as you know him, Mr. Shake-Shake. Oh God, that man can dance and it’s not a surprise he has a song for the festive period. If you don’t like snow and cold, just imagine the sunny Greek islands and a beach with him running around shirtless. Merry Christmas indeed!

5. Feminnem – “Javi mi se bar za Božic”

It’s been two years since Feminnem — the band who represented Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia in Eurovision 2005 and 2010 respectively — disbanded. However their legacy remains as wonderful as their Christmas song, “Javi mi se bar za Božic” (Tell Me At Least for Christmas). We’re pretty sure a lot of readers would tell you for Christmas and New Year’s and Easter and beyond…

6. Paula Seling – “O ce veste minunata”

She doesn’t need a piano on fire or a hologram to enchant us with. But a beautiful woman with a magical voice and a special Christmas spirit is just as entertaining! She doesn’t need Ovi to reach our heart.

7. Anjos & Susana [Suzy Guerra]- “Nesta Noite Branca”

Last but not least is our lovely Suzy Guerra, who represented Portugal at Eurovision 2014. This song isn’t fresh, but it is an evergreen. It remains the best-selling Christmas song of all time in Portugal! Do you wanna play in the snow or sing around a Christmas tree? Either way, we know you’ll want Suzy right by your side.

You can check out some English-language holiday covers from your favourite Eurovision stars here.

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9 years ago

Well Despoina Vandi with ‘Christougenna’ is the only greek artist who should be there.

9 years ago

I would recommend Carola’s “Hej Mitt Vinterland” (=Hello, my winterland”), Youtube-link:

9 years ago

Paula, we love you!!!