When fans first learned of Betty’s victory in Armenia, there wasn’t a huge wave of enthusiasm. Betty had fun in her national selection, but she seemed a bit off-key and many questioned her fashion sense. While Betty did have some supporters, she wasn’t seen as a major threat for the Junior Eurovision 2014 title.

But the eleven-year-old from the land of Noah went on to prove everyone wrong — big time. She made an artistic and fun music video, worked the interview circuit in Malta, and whipped her vocals into shape. And, perhaps best of all, she unveiled EPIC staging replete with acrobats and scooters. Finishing in third place, with only one point separating her and second place, was more than deserved.

For her amazing journey as a performer, our readers have awarded Betty the 2014 Anastasiya Petryk Award for Most Improved Performer. She seriously rose like the sun she sang about!

The Anastasiya Petryk Award for Most Improved Performer

A total of 946 votes were cast. Here is how the Top 3 acts fared. 

1. Betty — Armenia: 247 votes, 26%

2. Krisia, Hasan, and Ibrahim — Bulgaria: 102 votes, 11%

3. Federica Falzon — Malta: 89 votes, 9%

3. The Peppermints – San Marino: 89 votes, 9%

Total votes casted: 946

The road to Junior Eurovision is long and bumpy, and it doesn’t always start out with a strong song—or the ability to sing said song. The Anastasiya Petryk Award honors Ukraine’s 2012 JESC contestant who illustrates the principle well. When she won the national selection, we thought she was gonna flop at JESC. Then she took out the dubstep beat, added a smoke machine, ixnay-ed her backing dancers and won the whole shebang.

This award is just one of a dozen awards that make up the first annual Wiwi Junior Awards. Our 12 categories—from best dressed to most most wronged at JESC—identify the contestants who left the biggest impression on Junior Eurovision fans, regardless of whether they won the contest or not.

You can see all of our 2014 Wiwi Junior Awards here.

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6 years ago

Completely agree. I liked the song from the beginning, but wasn’t sure she would do that well at first. Glad I was proved wrong! I loved her performance.

6 years ago

For me Armenia is most overrated song in this Junior Eurovision and they got all 12 points from ex ussr countires at contest . Most underrated song this year for me Slovenia and Belarus.

6 years ago

She was truly amazing and the whole staging was the best at night. She deserved to win it all.

6 years ago

She was a great surprise!

6 years ago

Yes! 😀