A few weeks ago, Youtube celebrated 2014 with its “#YoutubeRewind” clip featuring Conchita Wurst amongst others. Now it’s our turn. As the year draws to a close, we take a look at the clips that caught your attention and reveal the most watched wiwibloggs videos of 2014.

The Rise And Fall Of Aram MP3

Aram MP3 set tongues wagging from the moment he was announced as Armenia’s Eurovision act on New Year’s Eve 2013. Already a household name in his native country, he quickly shot up the betting odds and by the time “Not Alone” was unveiled, there was already talk of Yerevan 2015. But then came those homophobic comments. He became somewhat of a pariah amongst the fan community, but that didn’t stop y’all following the ins and outs of the drama. From the boos in Amsterdam, to a more civilised London appearance, to Copenhagen, y’all watched in your thousands.

Conchita The Conqueror

Without question, 2014 will go down in Euro-lore as the year of the Wurst. The bearded drag queen overcame bigotry and snobbery, on her way to becoming the queen of Eurovision. And y’all watched as the Austrian diva evolved from the rough and ready gal in Amsterdam to the glamour-puss that won over the continent. She showed her cheeky side at the London Preview Party, and later reigned supreme at the city’s Pride celebrations.

Superstar Eurostars

Eurovision is often perceived to be a crèche for fledgling popstars, or worse – a graveyard for ageing has-beens. However, in 2014 several countries opted to send their biggest musical guns into battle. Perhaps the best examples were Poland and Italy, who both chose recent chart-toppers in the form of Donatan and Cleo and Emma Marrone. With added star wattage comes thousands more views.

Closer To The Crime

The EBU always strives for Eurovision to be apolitical. Sometimes though, that’s impossible, especially when one participating nation annexes the territory of a fellow participant. Just like the rest of world, Eurofans were gripped by the Russia/Ukraine conflict over Crimea. Ukraine’s Mariya Yaremchuk spoke candidly about the crisis, while the Tolmachevys from Russia sparked controversy with their lyric “closer to the crime”.

Junior Eurovision Comes of Age

For years Eurovision’s little sister had been plagued with accusations of sub-par entries, sung by stage-school brats. That all changed in 2014, as Malta sprinkled some Mediterranean magic on the once ailing contest. Junior Eurovision was rejuvenated, and won over a legion of new followers. We felt for Bulgaria’s Krisia, who had not one, but two disastrous rehearsals. We were charmed by the likes of Slovenia’s Ula, and Betty from Armenia. While Federica Falzon, just like her homeland, surprised us all.

Five Years Of Wiwibloggs

This year also marked an important milestone for wiwibloggs, as we celebrated five years of delivering Eurovision news with attitude. Dozens of Eurovision stars joined in with the celebrations. Zlata Ognevich, Paula and Ovi, Mei Finegold, Krista Siegfrids, Cezar and many, many more phoned in to wish us “happy birthday”. And of course none of this would be possible without you, the readers. So thank you, and here’s to a great 2015, packed with even more Euro-tastic brilliance.

The Top 20 Most Viewed Wiwibloggs Videos Of 2014

The top 20 most viewed wiwibloggs videos of 2014 are listed below in descending order. To watch a particular video, simply click on the title.

  1. Interview: Aram MP3 (Armenia) – Eurovision 2014 79,894
  2. Interview: Emma Marrone (Italy) – Eurovision 2014 65,064
  3. Interview: Conchita Wurst (Austria) – London Eurovision Party 2014 62,655
  4. LIVE: Aram MP3 (Armenia) Sings “Not Alone”, Crowd Boo – Eurovision in Concert 2014 44,122
  5. Interview: Conchita Wurst (Austria) – Eurovision in Concert 2014 30,859
  6. Second Rehearsal: Krisia Todorova (Bulgaria) – Junior Eurovision 2014 29,811
  7. First Rehearsal: Krisia Todorova (Bulgaria) – Junior Eurovision 2014 25,557
  8. Interview: Cleo (Poland) – Eurovision 2014 21,315
  9. LIVE: Conchita Wurst sings “Rise Like a Phoenix” – London Pride 2014 18,109
  10. Eurovision 2014: Conchita Wurst (Austria) Press Meet & Greet 15,390
  11. Interview: Betty (Armenia) – Junior Eurovision 2014 14,824
  12. Interview: Mariya Yaremchuk (Ukraine) – Eurovision 2014 14,093
  13. Interview: Ula Lozar (Slovenia) – Junior Eurovision 2014 13,233
  14. LIVE: Conchita Wurst sings “That’s What I Am” – London Pride 2014 12,924
  15. Eurovision 2014: Aram MP3 (Armenia) Press Meet & Greet 10,494
  16. LIVE: Tolmachevy Sisters (Russia) sing “Shine” – Moscow Eurovision Party 2014 9,381
  17. First Rehearsal: Federica Falzon (Malta) – Junior Eurovision 2014 9,081
  18. Live: Engelbert Humperdinck in Concert – Long Island, New York 8,821
  19. LIVE: Aram MP3 (Armenia) sings “Not Alone” – London Eurovision Party 2014 8,577
  20. Eurovision artists say “happy birthday wiwibloggs” 7,948

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Deven O'Kearney
Deven O'Kearney
9 years ago

My favourite was seeing Aram MP3 perform in Amsterdam. Even though he got booed.

9 years ago

One of my favourite videos is Maria’s interview, all because of her impossibly cute “My chicken!” and then is like “That’s enough, go away” Cuuute! 😛