Krisia, Hasan, and Ibrahim are gonna need some bigger piggy banks, because they are poised to make some major money and, like Scrooge McDuck, will one day be swimming in leva. Well, according to our readers, anyway. We are pleased to announced that Bulgarian twin pianists and the pint-sized Krisia have won the 2014 Maria Isabel Award for Most Likely to Succeed Commercially!

Maria Award for Most Likely to Succeed Commercially

Our readers cast a total of 1,453 votes. Here is how the Top 3 finished.

1. Krisia, Hasan, and Ibrahim – Bulgaria; 252 votes, 17%

2. Sophia Patsalides – Cyprus; 215 votes, 15%

3. Federica Falzon – Malta; 194 votes, 13%

Spain’s Maria Isabel won Junior Eurovision 2004 with her song “Antes Muerta que Sencilla”, which became an instant hit in Spain. Her debut album went 5x Platinum, and two of her four subsequent albums also topped the charts. This award honours the JESC contestant stands the best shot of following in Maria’s footsteps and making cash money. By honoring Krisia and the twins, our readers believe they can follow in Maria’s footsteps and win over the masses.

The award is just one of a dozen awards you can vote for in the first annual Wiwi Junior Awards. Our 12 categories—from best dressed to most most wronged at JESC—will identify the contestants who left the biggest impression on Junior Eurovision fans, regardless of whether they won the contest or not.

You can see all of our 2014 Wiwi Junior Awards here.

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5 years ago

I think Federica with a voice like that is most likely to succeed commercially

5 years ago

Good idea! I’m also wishing the same for the following:
*San Marino