The ticket to Vienna is up for grabs in Iceland, and 12 hopefuls are preparing to fight for the honor to sing in Vienna this May. As y’all already know, there are a few familiar faces this year, including Regina from Eurovision 2008 (you know, the one who suddenly appeared on stage in pink-and-black after the first verse). Anyway, there are also plenty of unfamiliar faces that are debuting on the Icelandic Eurovision scene. As a native Icelander, it’s obviously my duty to introduce them to you. Today I’m looking at Bjarni Lárus Hall, or Baddi, as he is known day-to-day in Iceland.

The 35-year-old singer-songwriter is known first and foremost as the frontman of the indie rock band Jeff Who?, which became immensely popular in Iceland from around 2005, especially for their #1 hit Barfly (which happens to be my ringtone).

They’ve released two major albums — “Death Before Disco” (2005) and “Jeff Who?” (2008). Here they are singing “Bipolar Breakdown”:

Baddi released his first and so far only solo album in 2009, called “The Long Way Home”. He went in a totally different direction and caught Jeff Who? fans by surprise.

In Iceland’s national selection he will be performing the song “Brotið Gler” (Broken Glass) that he co-wrote with Axel Árnason.

The songs haven’t been revealed just yet, but one might expect Baddi to continue with the popular Jeff Who? sound. Do you get a Franz Ferdinand vibe or what?

You can follow all of our Iceland Eurovision news here.

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8 years ago

Hi I love this article (as I always fascinated by Icelandic musician) and can you do this more often? I would love to know all the musicians in this year’s Iceland national selection