Oma Ella, a centenarian from Amberg, Germany, is Eurovision’s oldest fan. Following since the fifties, she listened to her first contest on the radio. After fifty years of loyalty, she finally saw her favorite program live in Düsseldorf, where she cheered on her personal favorites, Ell and Nikki, to victory. The next year, Oma Ella solidified her admiration for Azerbaijan when she travelled there to watch the contest. She’s a huge fan of Eldar, who is fluent in Oma’s native German, and they remain personal friends. She also loves Dilara, who she met this past May.

Oma Ella, who also has a deep connection with Buddhism and the Bhutanese community, is a very worldly person. She travels each year for her birthday, spending it in places such as Liechtenstein, San Marino, Monaco, Israel, and (this year, for her 105th birthday) Sicily. However, when she gets home, she will certainly have a big surprise coming: Eldar and Dilara are flying from Baku to give their oldest and wisest a fan the birthday of her lifetime. They will perform for her personally on Saturday and Sunday.

Speaking in a press release, Oma Ella had this to say about the “Start a Fire” singer:

We met several times with Dilara in Copenhagen and she was very kind to me. I like her song and really wanted to see her at my birthday. It’s amazing she is coming to celebrate it with me.

Dilara is thrilled to celebrate Oma Ella’s big day:

I’m so grateful for the invitation. When I saw Oma for the first time my heart just melted. She is so sweet and charming. I will make sure we are having a great party for her 105th.

We wish Oma Ella a very happy birthday and hope that she enjoys her time with her two favorite artists.

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7 years ago

That’s very sweet, wish Oma good health in the new year!

7 years ago

…and today in Germany the application phase for newcomers is finished.
We also have post our video!

Much success to all artists and good entertainment for all fans and critics.