Last Tuesday, Israel met the first five finalists who have advanced in the “The Next Star” — the reality show that will elect the Israeli representative for Eurovision. Over the weekend, following another long day of auditions in the famous “room of five”, we have five more! They are Tzadok Garame, Eva Al Keneresh, Nadav Gadag, Sa’ar “Rusty” Davidov, and Nava Tehila Walker. They do heartache and hotness really well.

Just like last week, these talented musicians had to endure a stressful audition day in which their seat in the final was never safe. They could pass an audition after getting 3 or more “yes” votes from the judges, but then had to wait in the “room of five”, which, as you can predict, only holds five singers. If the room is full and the judges want another act to enter, someone who thought they were safe has to leave. Someone always needs to go after getting cozy. Ouch.

The new Next Star finalists

Tzadok Garame (The hot guy who takes off his clothes)

Tzadok is the son of Israeli singer and dancer Nisim Garame. He managed to survive 13 (!) hours in the room of five, before the judges said that the audition day was over.

1st audition –Kaelu milim (“Such words”)

2nd audition – Bediavad (“On second thought”)

Eva Al Keneresh (The diva with the Amy Winehouse-like makeup)

During the previous round of auditions, Eva got the highest percentage of votes from the audience thus far (97%). The judges told her it’s gonna be hard to live up to their high expectations, but she mostly did.

1st audition – Make you feel

2nd audition – That’s life

Nadav Guedj (The powerful rapper)

Nadav had his 16th birthday on the audition day. Qualifying for the next round must have been a great birthday present for him!

1st audition – Russian roulette

2nd audition – Lately

Sa’ar “Rusty” Davidov (The sensitive rapper)

Sa’ar has been through a lot in life. He told the judges he sometimes has anxiety attacks while on stage. Thanks to Judge Muki’s reassuring words of advice, Sa’ar managed to give a great show and made the final.

1st audition – Yesh bi tikva (I’ve still got hope)

2nd audition – Elohay (“My god”)

Nava Tehila Walker (The heartbroken girl)

Nava had the flu when she came to the audition, and if that wasn’t enough, her boyfriend had left her the same day. The judges were very sympathetic and helped her to use the pain to improve her singing.

1st audition – Not going anywhere

2nd audition – Love me tender

So right now we have 10 finalists, and we’re almost done. This Tuesday, the final five finalists will be chosen, and the list will finally be closed. We’ll know who the lucky 15 are who’ll fight for the right to be Israel’s next star and represent Israel at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna!

Which artists did you like the most? Which one of them, in your opinion, is made for Eurovision material?

You can follow all of our Israel Eurovision news here.

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9 years ago

Eva Al Keneresh is pregnant so even if she wins would she end up going to ESC?

I think Nava is the best out of these five along with Orit from the previous five.

9 years ago

I’m sure Pariah Carey would get some votes.
Israel has sent some brilliant singers to ESC. I look forward to hearing the 2015 contestant.

9 years ago

Such an awfully contrived and make-believed patchwork of ‘Big Brother’ meeting sob stories of past UK X-Factor seasons…a truly anti-television format that doesn’t bode down well with viewers as well. Even if it gets better when we’re down to the real business of picking up the best act, I know the production is going to turn this into a farce of bad taste and brassy mannerism.

9 years ago

No-one votes for a pariah.

9 years ago

Sara Nachmias is still my favorite.

9 years ago

i hope so much that israel sends a really strong entry and will qualify in vienna for the grand final