It’s all change in Denmark! During Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2015, five regional juries will come into play for the first time since 2008. In recent years, the jury points have been awarded by an expert jury which was present inside the arena. This year, the jury members will be spread all over the country.

“We’re currently creating ‘version 2.0’ of Melodi Grand Prix,” Jan Lagermand Lundme, Head of Entertainment at DR, said on the official DMGP blog. “We are still determined to make the best show possible, but have tightened up the concept. We’re focusing on sending the very best song to Austria.”

“Hopefully, the regional jury voting will add to the excitement and express the diversity that exists within Denmark. I’m excited about seeing whether the juries in Southern Denmark and the Capital Region will vote for the same songs.”

Because all y’all need to know how the people of Aarhus and Vejle perceive their pop music!

The jury votes will be announced by the individual juries while the SMS votes will be announced as a national vote. Each jury will account for 10% of the total score. As usual, televoting will account for the remaining 50%. This may remind you of systems used in Norway and Ireland in recent years.

The regional juries will watch the show at Eurovision-themed parties in five different locations: Copenhagen (Capital Region), Næstved (Region Zealand), Vejle (Region of Southern Denmark) and Aarhus (Central Denmark Region). The jury representing the Region of Northern Jutland will be present in the Gigantium arena. The jury members will be announced a few days before the show.

DR will reveal the 10 participants on 26 January. They’ll also release the official album and upload songs to their YouTube channel. So, stay tuned!


What do you think of the voting change? We wanna hear your opinions, so comment below! 

Photo Credit: DR

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Deven O'Kearney
Deven O'Kearney
6 years ago

I hope Denmark continues their strong string of results.

For a broadcaster that was merely left bankrupt after hosting last year’s contest. DR obviously want to win Eurovision 2015 and TBH, I would be very happy to see Copenhagen host Eurovision againnin 2016. Any chance of Nikolaj, Pilou and Jacob Riising hosting ESC 2016?

6 years ago

DR, please bring back Michael Rune & Natascha Bessez again!