Ahead of tonight’s “Eurochallenge 1” in Cyprus’ Eurovision Song Project, we had the chance to speak with Aimli Charalabous, who is competing with her dance song “Right In”. Some of you may recognize her: she took part in The Voice Of Greece last year, reaching the final with #teamaslanidou.

What do you think has been the biggest turning point in your life? 

One of the most remarkable moments of my life was my first audition at The Voice Of Greece. From this show onwards, people recall me as the 16-year old girl who performed “Anthropoi Monaxoi” (Alone People) and showed me their love until the end.

You are just 17 years old. Is it hard balancing career and school? 

Generally, I do not like monotony and I am always searching for something new. My life changed a lot after The Voice, as I managed to get into music business, combining both school and job. Even though sometimes this stresses me, I love it and will always keep doing that!

How did you end up on The Voice of Greece?

A friend of mine sent me an application form. At first, I was really hesitant because I believed I could not do it, but then I took it as a challenge and I decided to try, whatever the result is.

You made it all the way to the finals on The Voice of Greece? Did the pressure ever get to you? 

The experiences I collected from the competition are countless! It was a honour to meet and sing with such professional artists! For sure, anxiety and pressure existed, but I did not quit enjoying it!

Have your teachers or fellow students treated you differently as a result of the show? 

Of course, teachers knew the conditions, but no one treated me differently! I tried to meet the school schedule so that I would not bring them in an embarrassing place!

What about everyday life?

My life changed a lot after the competition! I received many proposals and I got to know many people! Peopled showed, and keep showing me their love, which makes me grateful.

Why do you want to sing at the Eurovision Song Contest? 

I used to watch the Eurovision as a kid, without ever thinking that I want to take part! When this proposal came to me, I took it as another challenge, a bigger step.

Tell us about your entry “Right In” 

When I first listened to “Right In” I was excited and could not wait to sing it! It is a dance beat, a style very popular these days.

Do you agree with the selection system of the Eurovision Song Project? 

I think the system is good, as there is the chance to bring out good voices whatever the result is. In this way, artists who want to succeed in music are given the chance to present their talent.

aimili charalambous cyprus eurovision song project

Which music genre do you believe is the best for Eurovision? Dance or balladry? 

It depends on how good the song is. The last years we have seen both ballads and dance songs win the trophy.

Who is your favourite judge? 

All judges are very kind. I really like Elena Patroklou though.

You can follow all of our Cyprus Eurovision news here.

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7 years ago

The audition eurochallenge program is recorded last year, the top one´s is already chosen for the final in february

7 years ago

She was really good on The Voice. Kypro has picked up some memorable singers in this contest so far!