Finland’s “Tähdet, tähdet” (Stars, stars), the popular show where 10 artists perform songs from different musical genres every week, will kick off its second season on March 1. (Yes, it is based on a Norwegian tv-show “Stjernekamp”).Last year’s show was drenched in Eurovision celebs: Jari Sillanpää, who represented Finland at Eurovision Song Contest 2004, won the show, while other acts included UMK 2013 bronze medalist Diandra and Vicky Rosti, who represented Finland back in 1987 with “Sata Salamaa“.

The second edition is packed with even more familiar faces including Krista Siegfrids, the Ding Dong girl from 2013; Jarkko Ahola, Teräsbetoni’s lead singer; and Laura Voutilainen, Finland’s representative in 2002.

Some hardcore Eurovision fans might also recognize Markku Aro, who sang “Tie uuteen päivään” back in 1971 together with Koivistolaiset. Wait, there’s more. The host of the upcoming season of UMK, Roope Salminen, is also among the 10 artists, as well as Arja Koriseva, who has taken part in Finland’s national selection a total of four times.

If that hasn’t whet your appetite, perhaps this will. It’s Jari Sillanpää tackling PSY’s hit “Gangnam Style”.

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8 years ago

lol his Korean was sooo funny.

But good effort

Mikko Suhonen
8 years ago

To add to what Sami wrote, two other familiar names for the Eurovision people take part in this show. Arja Koriseva has taken part several times to the Finnish Euroviisut selection. And the show will be hosted by Mikko Leppilampi, who hosted another, slightly bigger music show in May 2007.