Eesti Laul — Estonia’s selection for Eurovision 2015 — is heating up, and we are stoked to start our interviews with the contestants. Today we kick off with Elisa Kolk, the seventeen year old whose song “Superlove” won our preliminary poll.

Hey Elisa! Why did you want to compete in Eurovision and Eesti Laul?

Being on that big Eurovision Song Contest stage has been one of my biggest dreams since I first heard about Eurovision. I am really a huge fan and watch it every year! Now that I have this amazing chance to compete in Eesti Laul, I will definitely do my best!

What is your song “Superlove” about?

Basically, it is a typical love story song, about sad and lost love. But it’s not only that! It also speaks about how to stay positive in every hard situation that life brings to you.

What was your inspiration? Is there any backstory?

Actually, my producer Vahur Valgmaa wrote it, but I have a really strong connection to it. When I first heard that song, I fell in love immediately! I knew that this was so mine. We all have every kind of hard situation in life, but we have to deal with them and if we want, we can get through eveything, do everything and be everything.

Have you listened to the other songs in Eesti Laul or Eurovision yet? Any favorites?

Yes, I have heard a few. In Eesti Laul, I dont have any favourites, but I do like Karl-Erik Taukar and Daniel Levi! I have heard Malta’s entry for Eurovision, “Warrior”, and I just love it.

Who is your favorite Eurovision contestant from Estonia?

Definitely Ott Lepland from 2012!


Who is your favorite Eurovision contestant from 2014?

Probably San Marino, with Valentina Monetta’s “Maybe“. It was such a sweet song.

If you win, you will be the youngest singer to represent your country. How does that feel?

That’s true! I did not even think about the age before, but when I think now, I really am the youngest! Last year, I thought that maybe I am not ready for Eurovision, but now I am completely ready – I just feel it.

You know, Nina Sublatti from Georgia and Anita & Michele from San Marino are within a few years of your age. Do you feel that being younger is good in the contest?

I do. There are so so many young ESC fans watching. Why not?

You have released a few other songs, such as L.O.V.E., Ütle Täna, and Kaugeks Jäänd. Which song fits your style best?


I have done many different styles of music, but a song like “Superlove” fits me the best. Or maybe I even haven’t found my right one yet, because for example, I adore RnB also.

Do you prefer singing in English or Estonian?

Estonian is sweet, but I feel better singing in English.

Elisa, it has been an absolute pleasure. Before we go, do you have a message for our readers?

I love wiwibloggs and your readers! Always stay positive and take care of each other! Sending “Superlove” to you all!

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7 years ago

Superlove does really suit her! Go Elisa! I hope you’ll represent Estonia this year! 😀

7 years ago

I really like Elisa’s song and wouldn’t mind it representing Estonia this year. Also, the fact that she also actually listens to the Eurovision songs proves that she’s into it, which I find is always a plus.