During the recent UMK press conference, we spoke with Vilikasper Kanth, a 25-year-old singer-songwriter, who already has lots of experience from singing competitions, including Finnish Idol and The Voice Of Finland. This year he is one of 18 artists competing in Finland’s national selection for Eurovision, Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) 2015. We talked about his song “Äänen kantamattomiin”, and also his Eurovision favourites.

On his song “Äänen kantamattomiin“, Vilikasper says that it’s about joy and friendship. Vilikasper actually wrote the song with his Dad and performed it for the first time at a summer party for his friends, just like in his music video for the song.  He also says that, in the event he wins UMK and gets to represent Finland in Vienna, he will keep the song in Finnish.

Vilikasper admits that he isn’t an enthuastic Eurovision fan, but he has followed the contest every year. He also names Lena’s winning entry “Satellite” as one of his favourites. At the end of the interview he sends the same message for wiwireaders. As his song says: When you have friends, it gets you all the way!

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8 years ago

Very cheery song, lightened my mood today when I heard it on ESCRadio 🙂