The band Timebelle have emerged as the big favourites going into the Swiss national final, Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow, on January 31. They’re leading our poll with just a few days left to go, so we thought we’d catch up with band members Samuel and Miruna to get the low down on the group.

Hi guys, thanks for speaking to wiwibloggs! Can you tell us all a bit more about who Timebelle are first of all?

Samuel: Hi, we are Timebelle. We are band made of five musicians of classical education, one singer and ?ve native tongues. There is Miruna, our vocalist, Samuel on drums, Emanuel on saxophone, Rade on accordion, Sandor on bass and Christoph on guitar. Miruna and Emanuel are from Romania, Samuel and Christoph from Switzerland, Rade is from Serbia and Sandor from Hungary.

Y’all are representing all of Europe! What made you want to enter the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland then?

Samuel: ESC is a great opportunity for us, because many people are following the biggest party of Europe. Why Switzerland? Almost all of us live in Switzerland. We thought that the multicultural background of Switzerland compares to our constellation in the band. The motto of ESC is to build bridges. So we hope to be a part of that, building bridges between nations and cultures.

Certainly a good motto! So what more can you tell us about your entry, “Singing About Love”?

Samuel: It’s a catchy easy going song, which in our opinion could fit the ESC feeling. It was important for us that people can dance and have a great time listening our song. So it’s all about LOVE. How life could – or should be.

Your music video for the song has already picked up over 300,000 views on YouTube. What do you think about getting such a good reception, and how was it making the video?

Miruna: Making the video was really exciting because the guys were really funny. We got along perfectly.

Samuel: We are happy about this little step. But we have to look forward – compared to other big acts 300’000 is a small number. But we appreciate very much such interest in our song.

What was your reaction when you qualified?

Samuel: We were just happy about it. Miruna and Sandor screamed like crazy! We wanted to win, but it’s always the emotion before and after the performance.

In terms of the other acts, do you have any favourites or think anyone is your biggest competition?

Samuel: Only a few of us watched the other acts. I didn’t, so I don’t know a lot about the other remaining acts. I want to concentrate on our performance and campaign to get to the semi-final in Vienna. We are in a competition with us. We are not competing with others.

Now, Miruna – you were the lead singer of the Shaka Muv project also back in Romania. Is that still ongoing or is Timebelle your dedication at this point?

Miruna: The Shaka Muv project is over now, so I’m no longer part of it. For now it’s only about Timebelle.

Obviously the band is quite international as we’ve already mentioned. If you weren’t successful in representing Switzerland, would you consider attempting to represent another country?

Samuel: At this time we haven’t thought about it. We all live in Switzerland, except Miruna. For now all of our concentration and working goes into the 31st of January.

Dedication to the cause! So, how can our readers reach you on social media? And do you have a message you’d like to send out to them?

Samuel: We have our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. To our fans: thank you for following and supporting us. WE LOVE YOU!

Thank you very much Samuel, Miruna and good luck to you and the rest of the band!



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8 years ago

Go Timebelle!!!

Deven O'Kearney
Deven O'Kearney
8 years ago

I think that while I like Andy McSean and “Hey now” (I’m in a very small minority there.), I think Timebelle are the most logical option. Their song is good and unconventional and I think that the fact that they have band members from around Europe is very clever. As it could really pick up some votes along the way.

VIEL Glück Schweiz.

8 years ago

I will definitely vote for them on Saturday! GOOD LUCK