Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins 2015 kicks off this weekend, so we continue our tour around the island to introduce all of the contestants. Today we meet 27-year-old Friðrik Dór, who has had massive hits in Iceland ever since he surfaced in 2009. He’s now one of Iceland’s most popular singers….and he’s easy on the eyes, too.

He has a solid background in classical music, but he tells me that he was the worst piano player ever. But when his brother gave him his first guitar at the age of 14, Friðrik found his true calling and has been writing his own music ever since. His first hit single “Hlið við Hlið” (Side by Side) came out in 2009, and Friðrik has had non-stop success ever since. He divides his time between his music, his girlfriend and their baby daughter.

This, however, is Friðrik’s first time competing in the Icelandic national finals. He admits that he’s always wanted to participate, but it’s only now that the timing has felt right. He will perform the song “Í Síðasta Skipti” (For the last time), which he co-wrote with the production team StopWaitGo who also had a song in last year’s national finals. Friðrik says that it was important to him to be a part of the voyage from the beginning and he’s happy and confident about the song, which is a powerballad with a touch of soul in it.


Although Friðrik, or Frikki as he’s known amongst his fellow countrymen (and women), is a newbie performing in Eurovision, he’s followed the contest for some years, and is big fan of Sebastian Tellier’s “Divine”, and Iceland’s entry from 1988 “Socrates”. There is a slight buzz in Iceland that Friðrik will indeed be our pride and joy in Vienna, and he is more than willing to embrace that. What happens is yet to be determined, but Frikki will perform on Saturday (January 31) and hopefully reach the finals. Good luck from wiwibloggs Frikki!

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9 years ago

He’s one of my favourite to win the icelandic NF, there’s something about his song that makes me like it, but admittedly, something also tells me it might not do well if it goes to Eurovision.