Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins kicks off tonight, so we just have to introduce y’all to Erna Hrönn. Hardcore fans will know her as Yohanna’s backing vocalist (and later Hera Björk’s. But what many of you may not know is that this is her fifth time as a leading lady in Söngvakeppni! And besides rocking a Eurovision every  now and then, she is also a mother of six, a singing teacher AND a radio hostess on two seperate radio stations. She’s also a successful tribute singer, and has participated in some of Iceland’s biggest tribute shows (Meatloaf, Tom Jones, U2 and of course ABBA). A textbook multitasker. Go girl! Could I have some of that energy please?

She will be performing the song “Myrkrið Hljótt” (Silent Darkness), which she co-wrote with Arnar Ástráðsson. Erna says that the song’s beautiful melody and powerful hook got stuck in her head, making it an easy decision for her to perform once more on the Icelandic ESC stage. Good news for us, y’all!

Erna’s most recognized song amongst Eurovision fanatics is probably her 2013 entry, “Augnablik” (A Moment), but Erna tells me that of all the songs she’s performed in the contest, “Ástin Mín Eina” (My One and Only), her 2011 entry, is probably her favorite. Since the contest, Erna has performed the song at countless weddings, and says it has a special place in her heart. It was also written by Arnar Ástráðsson. Judging by their former collaboration, it’s safe to say that Erna and Arnar are a dynamic duo.


She has fond memories of all the contests, but says that her all-time favorite moment was Moscow 2009 in general. It was her first time as a backing vocalist, and Iceland came second, with its highest score so far. Before that, she admits thinking that Eurovision was just somewhat meh. She quickly changed her mind, though, saying it’s indescribable and probably the greatest thing an artist could ever experience. Erna released her first solo album before Christmas 2013, and gave me her word that there is more to come.



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9 years ago