Aminata Savadogo placed fifth in last year’s Dziesma with her song “I Can Breathe”. She knew she could do better than that, so she shucked the blue bodysuit, stopped repeating the same lyric over and over, and wrote an R&B number to show off her previously-hidden powerhouse vocals. The result? “Love Injected”, which has torn our jury. wiwiblogger Judit says that “Her voice is strong, but this song is boring for me.”, while wiwiblogger Patrick says that “This is one of the strongest songs for Eurovision. Aminata is damn amazing – the look, the voice and this song!” Where do you stand on Aminata’s song? Check out the Love Injected lyrics to help you decide..

Love Injected lyrics – Aminata Savadogo

You bring the light to my darkest side, babe
The day, the night split to cure the sight, ooh
You care, you animate
You guard me bare, bring up the heart rate

Your love revives my soul
And I know you’ll choose it whole overall

Your eye’s a good mirror
Look under the cover
Love is above all
I’m safe into your hands
Let’s move away, the edges expand

Your love revives my soul
And I know you’ll choose it whole overall

Show me the source of the light
I’m becoming affected
Seeing the glow of the white
Is what I have detected
Feeling again I’m alive
It’s your shining reflected
Love injected, love injected

Your love revives my soul
And I know you choose it all over all

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George from Spain
George from Spain
9 years ago

I hope Latvia qualify since it’s a country that does not qualify quite often.

9 years ago

Love the lyrics. Love the song!

9 years ago

Ooooooh, this is such a good song. I could imagine shouting “Your LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE revives my SOOOOOOOOUL” at EuroClub.