Gaitana gave us a present on a Christmas Day – an entire new album. She’s basically Santa Claus (or Ukraine’s answer to Beyoncé…). Although the album is only available on iTunes at the moment, it features three of her latest singles and is her first return to the English language since “Be My Guest”. She’s now presented us with the audio of the title single from the album ‘Voodoo Man’ in order to give us a taster of her new album and bring us from our winter blues into an Ibiza nightclub.

If you were a fan of the upbeat “Be My Guest” rather than the ballads she’s released since, you’ll love this.

Although it is a lot more intense than what we’re used to hearing from Gaitana, she’s embraced the dubstep-style elements of this new single like a pro.

She’s a diva not be messed with and she doesn’t want anyone to forget it. We can’t wait to hear her explore this style more on the rest of the album!

Gaitana represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. Her song ‘Be My Guest’ warmed hearts across Europe and finished 15th with 65 points.

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7 years ago

I LOVED Be My Guest. I definitely want to hear more from Gaitana.

Mario Vision of Gay Love
Mario Vision of Gay Love
7 years ago

I really LOVED her song! <3 It was the absolute anthem soundtrack 4 Euro football championship! <3
Equally beautiful with the official theme song *Endless Summer* of Oceana..
Her performance on stage was great! Pity that she finished only 15th…She deserved to be in top 10 actually..