Germany’s NDR previously revealed the seven established acts that will compete in Unser Song für Österreich 2015. This morning it added one more piece to the picture by revealing the ten up-and-coming acts who will compete for the eighth wildcard spot at a “Clubkonzert” in February. The lucky ten are: Aden, Alisson Bonnefoy, Ann Sophie, Ason, sound poet, Lars Pinkwart, Lou, Moonjos, Sendi and Sophie.

You’ll be able to watch the show live on ARD digital channel EinsFestival and on and on19 February at 22.00 CET.

These ten were culled from a pool of 1,270 submissions.

Clubkonzert contestants

These official bios come courtesy of NDR.

Aden (20) was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and grew up in New Zealand, Australia and Germany. He lives in Mettingen near Osnabrück. Aden sings and composes songs for himself and other artists, and calls his direction “Urban Pop”. In addition to his music Aden has been hip hop dancing for a long time, worked for several times German and European champion troupes (both solo and team), coached the German national team for the Hip Hop World Cup in Las Vegas and danced himself..

“I want to participate in the ESC, because I want something different, to bring something fresh to ESC, because I would present at a unique way with a huge show and because I was born for music.”

Alisson Bonnefoy (21) comes from food, as she was born in France. She discovered her passion for singing at the age of eight in the church choir. She studied at the Opera School in Gelsenkirchen and plays piano, guitar, drums and melodica. Since 2007, she has written her own songs in German and English and successfully took part in, among others, the festivals “Berliner Festspiele”, “Essen Original” and “Young Musicians”. Her style is influenced by pop and soul.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to grab people with MY SONG. ESC is and remains the greatest and most level most format for musicians. I have fought and dreamed of this since childhood, being on the big stage standing and touching the audience. ”

Ann Sophie (24) was born in London and grew up mainly in Hamburg, began studying ballet at 4, and knew at 14 that she wanted to be a singer. At 20, she moved to New York and completed a two-year acting course at the “Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute”. She also started her music career singing in bars and eventually took on her first, self-penned songs. In September 2012, Ann Sophie followed with her first album. After three years in the US, she moved back to Hamburg and plays with her band regularly in clubs.

“Two rules say that you should be yourself and have to follow your heart. I am when I do music and I’m my heart when I sing. It would be very honored to do this at ESC.”

Ason – The group is made up of the sisters Dorotea (20), Liliana (18), Joella (16) and Mick Elina (12). The four have a Swedish mother (a singer) and a German father (a drummer). Thirteen years ago they moved from Sweden to Wiesbaden. All four sisters sing and play the drums, piano, guitar and bass. Eighteen months ago, they formed their own band “Ason” with which they have already given several concerts. Dorotea is currently studying at the Pop Academy Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim, while the other three go to school.

“Ason has always loved ESC. In Sweden, the ESC is the musical highlight. So we even watch the Swedish preliminaries. In Sweden the selection of the participant is spread over many weeks. Our joy and excitement are really big. ”

– For ESC the minimum age for participants is 16. Therefore, the youngest of the sisters, Mick Elina, will not appear on stage.

Sound poet: The band from Dortmund has, for several years, given concerts at town festivals, opera houses, theaters, clubs or on the street and locates itself in the genres of soul, hip hop and pop. The lyrics are in German. “We put heart and soul into our music, with the aim to make our calling our profession,” said Leonie (24), Ekrem (29) Zett one (30) and Haui (36).

“We want to represent Germany as the country actually is. A multicultural world. Although our roots are in different countries of the world, we feel as Dortmunder / German, and the music is our voice!”

Lars Pinkwart (16) lives in Alfter-Witterschlick (near Bonn). For four and a half years he studied trombone and played in the school orchestra, and wrote songs on piano. A songwriting project in his music lessons led Lars to the regional competition “XPRESS Yourself 2012”, where he won a special prize for singing from the Pop Academy Mannheim. Its predecessors include artists such as Imagine Dragons, The Script, and also Beyonce and Christina Aguilera.

“I want people to identify with my music and for it to evoke emotions in them. Connecting through music, that’s the real message of the ESC, for the people of Europe. I’ve always loved it, and it would be an unforgettable experience for me to sing on this stage with so many different artists. ”

Lou (still 15) comes from Appen. At age 11, she started taking singing lessons since she visits the Stage School in the direction of musical and acting lessons. First experiences on the big stage she made 2013 in “Voice Kids”. Then Lou cover songs recorded, sung at events and writes her own songs.

“I’m just in love with the music, they mean so much to me that I would like to show it all. The ESC I could finally manage to reach people with my music and to give you goose bumps.”

Moonjos consists of Daniel (30) and Ricardo (29) Munoz. Their repertoire ranges from the brother’s Spanish songs to Brit pop. Their Dutch mother and Spanish father played in a band together. Ricardo studied piano, Daniel guitar. Since 2014, the two have been working on a pop / folk album. Previously they were working musically in various ways on the go. Daniel – he lives in Frankfurt – already has a record deal in the Netherlands. And Ricardo – who is currently living in Hamburg – has worked in Los Angeles with songwriters and producers for an album. Together they have more than 10 million views on Youtube.

“Dutch mother, Spanish father, grew up in Germany – Goal:. Europe”

Sendi Hoxha (17): The singer-songwriter was born in Heidelberg and grew up in Meckenheim. As of 11, she learned the drums, then piano and guitar, their first songs she wrote for primary school-time. At 14, she received a scholarship from the pop Masterclasses Mannheim. This was followed by winning the Slam songs 2013 Heidelberg and second place in the final. In both Slams she was the youngest candidate.

,, I want to join the ESC, since it would be a completely new experience for me and I am happy to provide you with new challenges. Also, I’m always fascinated that so many artists from all over Europe are singing together in one evening and make music. Victory is irrelevant to me, but it’s more important to be a part of this event. ”

Sophie (16) was born in Hamburg and lives in Kleinmachnow near Potsdam. She took lessons in voice and piano, this is the musical training at the Activity drama school in Berlin. On stage she stood for example at Oktoberfest at the Charlottenburg Town Hall, at the “1st Kaiserwerther Summer Night” in Dusseldorf or the “Festival of Lights” the art collection NRW. Since 2013, it is the singer of the school band at the Humboldt-Gymnasium Potsdam.

“In 2011 I watched in Dusseldorf on the ESC to Lena for her performance. It has inspired me, the mood in the hall was overwhelmed and incited to eventually seek my chance me. Now it’s there. 2015 I would be happy to show that the song ‘Imperfection’ can produce the following words: 12 points to … “.

Tickets for the Clubkonzert

Tickets for the club concert and the German national final cost between 16.50 EUR 19.90 EUR. Visit


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7 years ago

Are these the numbers they will compete with?

Mario Vision of Gay Love
Mario Vision of Gay Love
7 years ago

I wonder if we gonna witness the wildcard winning again like last year with Elaiza…
I have my doubts about that but you never know….
Lets see what happens..