The last time we heard from Molly Sanden, she was all alone recalling the days when her peers had been teasing her because of looks in “Freak”. Now, in a dramatic sequel, things have taken a turn for the better for the Swedish JESC 2006 participant.

In a video for her newest song with the title of  “Phoenix”, she is eager to fight her enemies and won’t stop until she’s done. She lights a bonfire on a large field at Gärdet in Stockholm, where her fans were invited to throw objects that are no longer of importance to them. Her hottie boyfriend and Melodifestivalen alum Danny Saucedo was also there.

In an interview with Aftonbladet before the release, Molly claimed that she was surprised to see the overwhelming response to “Freak”, and is more than excited to see the result of “Phoenix”. She already has her favorite:

“Phoenix is grander and more confident. The song is about how you can beat me as many times as you want, but I will still stand up and become stronger. I can relate to it in many different ways.”

We love it too. It’s fierce, scandi pop-esque and it oozes attitude! It is also a resemblant of Margaret Berger’s current work, which none should take as a criticism.

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