Ahead of tickets going on sale tomorrow morning, the BBC have published a “Ticket FAQ” for Eurovision’s Greatest Hits, the special concert being held to celebrate 60 years of Eurovision. 


Tickets go on sale at 10:15 GMT and will range from £43.25 to £70.25, including all fees. In a bid to tackle touts, there will be a maximum of four tickets per person. But don’t plan on bringing the kids along – for insurance reasons a minimum age of 14 years or over is being applied. To book tickets, UK based readers should head to the BBC website, while everyone else should visit Eurovision.tv.


The 31 March show is scheduled to run for approximately three hours, and is due to end by 22:30 GMT. Fingers-crossed television viewers will get the unabridged version a few days later.


Rules regarding flags are identical to the main event in May. Only flags of the participating countries are allowed. Flag fabric can be a maximum 40cm, and cannot contain any text or slogans. Poles must be plastic, and cannot exceed 40cm.

For more details regarding all the rules and regulations click HERE.

Viewing details

The BBC plans to air the show in the UK on BBC One over Easter. Not all EBU broadcasters have decided to run the show. For instance, Macedonia’s MKRTV has said it rather not broadcast the show so the license fee can be put toward promoting its Eurovision contestant.

Thus far, foreign broadcasters who have agreed to run the show are: Australia – SBS, Austria – ORF, Belgium – VRT & RTBF, Bulgaria – BNT, Denmark – DR, Finland – YLE, France – France 2, Greece – NERIT, Iceland – RÚV, Ireland – RTÉ, Israel – IBA, Norway – NRK, Portugal – RTP, Romania – TVR, Russia – C1R, San Marino – SMRTV, Slovenia – RTVSLO, Sweden – SVT, Switzerland – SRF, Spain – RTVE.


  • Anne-Marie David (Luxembourg 1973 and France 1979)
  • Nicole (Germany 1982)
  • Herreys (Sweden 1984)
  • Johnny Logan (Ireland 1980 and 1987)
  • The Olsen Brothers (Denmark 2000)
  • Natasha St- Pier (France 2001)
  • Rosa López (Spain 2002)
  • Lordi (Finland 2006)
  • Emmelie De Forest (Denmark 2013)
  • Conchita Wurst (Austria 2014)


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9 years ago

whaaaat the tickets sold out so damn quickly.

9 years ago

Oh, Macedonia, no money? Well, it’s kinda OK not to air this when you as a country has no real influence or part in any of it. For the other countries that already signed up – the same.

It was going to be better if they somehow celebrated all countries that have participated now and in the past then to offer some “Eurovision Hits” thingy – that thingy is repeated to some extent on every ESC.

And this isn’t going “live”, right? This is awkward.

Mei International
Mei International
9 years ago

lol wouldn’t saying the country after the point value be more suspenseful?

9 years ago

@Mei, cause no one cares about the rules 😀
The same goes with revealing the points during the voting. The spokepersons should say first the name of the country, THEN the number of points awarded. But no one really does it, it’d be pointless, however the rules state differently.

Mei International
Mei International
9 years ago

Question. If that is the real rule on flags then home come I have seen other flags such as non participating countries, Kosovo, rainbow flags, and others. No judgement on those flags just curious on the rule