Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2015 — the Danish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest — will take place tomorrow night. Among the favourites is Anti Social Media with their Britpop-inspired song “The Way You Are”. 

wiwiblogger William (United Kingdom) recently caught up with three of the band’s four members via Skype before they rehearsed for the show. They talk about how the group was formed, their encounter with their female competitors, and the fact that, despite their name, they do like Facebook. One of the band members is half-British, who could it be?

Check out the video to find out more about the band! And apologies for cutting off two of the band member’s faces. It’s hard to fit all those guys in!

Anti Social Media: The Way You Are

Anti Social Media – The Way You Are

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Mario Vision of Gay Love
Mario Vision of Gay Love
8 years ago

The babe with the white t shirt is very hot hunk! <3
They are hyped as one of the hot favorites of the Dansk..
But they are not my no1 favorite 4 the win tomorrow though..