About a month ago, during the #UMK15 press conference, we spoke with Jouni Aslak, who will be competing in the second heat of the contest this evening. Jouni is looking for the victory with the song “Lions And Lambs“. In the interview below you talks about his relationship with Eurovision, the song and much more.

At the age of 26, Jouni is only starting his solo career, after working with the band Grandeville for 10 years. “After killing the band in last September, now it was the best time ever to participate in UMK,” he says. That’s because he never stopped writing songs or making music, even as the band was shutting down.

As for the song, Jouni says it’s an anthem for people to realize that everyone has ups and downs and you have to embrace the both sides of yourself to move forward. He also says that he has followed the contest since he was a kid and really wants to win UMK and represent Finland at Eurovision. He also names “New Tomorrow” by A Friend In London as his favourite Eurovision entry.

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