Andreas Johnson is no stranger to Melodifestivalen. Fans will note that Andreas Johnson has appeared at Melodifestivalen five times previously. When Andreas takes the stage this Saturday in Östersund during Deltävling 3 he’ll be performing in the contest for the sixth time. This year Andreas Johnson’s song is called ‘Living to Die’ and Andreas worked on it with Bobby Lunggren and Karl-Ola Kjellholm. Ahead of the performance on Saturday, wiwibloggs caught up with Andreas to talk about his participation… andreas johnson copy

Hi Andreas! You are a veteran of Melodifestivalen – why did 2015 seem like the right year to make your return?  It’s all about the song, simple as that!

Last year you wrote ‘To The End’ for YOHIO – did participating as a songwriter influence your desire to return as a performer?

It was quite the opposite. I had no intention or desire to participate as an artist until we wrote ”Living To Die”.

This will be your seventh appearance (including your stint as a songwriter). This year’s host Sanna Nielsen took seven attempts to win Melodifestivalen – do you think it will be lucky number seven for you this year?

Well, let’s hope so!

You’ve worked with Bobby Ljunggren on your song – he’s written five songs that won Melfest – does that make you confident going into your semi-final?

One thing I’ve learned being in this competition is you shouldn’t be confident of anything…

Your song is called ‘Living to Die’ – could you tell us a little bit about the message behind it?

It’s a song about solace.

What will your performance be like?

Just me on the stage, I don’t want anything to come between the song and the listener.

How does it differ to the other songs you’ve entered in the Contest? 

It has more in common with “Glorious” than the songs I have competed with in Melodifestivalen.

Lastly, thank you so much for the interview, do you have a message for all your fans at

  I hope you’ll enjoy ”Living To Die” as much as I do. Would love to meet you in Vienna 🙂

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