As we reported earlier in the month, the official EBU backed Eurovision 60th anniversary concert will take place in London on 31 March. Several broadcasters have signed up to broadcast the BBC produced Eurovision’s Greatest Hits, but the Dutch channel AvtroTros is not one of them. Now, after much speculation it has emerged that while the Netherlands will not be at the official party, they will still be celebrating.

Yes, they’re bringing the party to them. A special concert will take place in Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome arena on 15 May. Unlike the gala style show in March, this will be a more interactive affair. There will be giant lyric screens, enabling the crowd to sing along hence the event is called the Song Festival Sing Along.

The line-up is dominated by Dutch artists including 1969 winner Lenny Kuhr. There will be some international flavour courtesy of the UK’s Brotherhood of Man, Ireland’s Johnny Logan and Demark’s Emmelie De Forest, all of whom are also appearing at the London event. Interestingly, the ticketing website lists some additional acts who are not mentioned on the concert’s official site, most notably Norway’s Alexander Rybak. There are also reports that Belgium’s 1986 winner Sandra Kim has signed up, although her name does not appear on any of the sites connected with the event.

Tickets are available to purchase HERE and you can find out further details HERE.

Song Festival Sing Along Confirmed Acts

  • Lenny Kuhr (The Netherlands 1969)
  • Brotherhood of Man (United Kingdom 1976)
  • Sandra Reemer (The Netherlands 1972 and 1976)
  • Maggie McNeal (The Netherlands 1980)
  • Johnny Logan (Ireland 1980 and 1987)
  • Frizzle Sizzle (The Netherlands 1986)
  • Ruth Jacott (The Netherlands 1993)*
  • Marlayne (The Netherlands 1999)
  • Esther Hart (The Netherlands 2003)
  • Edsilia Rombley (The Netherlands 1998 and 2007)
  • Alexander Rybak (Norway 2009)*
  • Emmelie de Forest (Denmark 2013)

*Act is listed on ticketing site but not official show site


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9 years ago

Great, Eurovision in concert, now this concert. Eurovision is living more than ever in the Netherlands. Mark my words: this country will win ESC soon!

9 years ago

What the…? o.O

Mario The Vision of Gay Love Put A Ring On It 1 April 2001
Mario The Vision of Gay Love Put A Ring On It 1 April 2001
9 years ago

About Anouk’s absence on this special concert i can understand though…Its ok..
She pulled out 4 reasons to go to Vienna & accompany Trijntje on stage..
My feelings about her decision not to be in Vienna are kinda mixed…Wonder how it would be if she was in the Dutch delegation…I really think that she could give a hell lot of help to the whole entry of Holland so that it would do much better with Anouk in Vienna and i’m positive about this..
Well if Anouk decides to change her mind and travel to Austria eventually then fine..

Mario The Vision of Gay Love Put A Ring On It 1 April 2001
Mario The Vision of Gay Love Put A Ring On It 1 April 2001
9 years ago

The *Gay Dutch Bears* that wanted to represent Holland in EuroVision should give the present in this party concert 4 sure 😛 😉
What about *Ryan Dolan*..? <3 🙂
*Krista Siegfried* should be in that party too! <3 🙂
*Hera Bjork* from Iceland too! <3 🙂

How many special stars of Vision should be eligible and get an invitation 4 this special concert.. 🙂
Oh…The swiss hunk Sebalter too..! <3

Mario The Vision of Gay Love
Mario The Vision of Gay Love
9 years ago

That is great 🙂
That country in 2013 was reborn again and revived from the so long decline at last!
Ressurection Happened 4 The Dutch! <3

I put an X to the *Netherlands* as i never liked to use this lame name 4 this country
there is only *HOLLAND* 4 me..! <3 🙂
I only write the ^Holland^ term name 4 the rec of course.. 🙂

The song of Holland 4 the Diamond Vision of Vienna is so cool! <3

9 years ago

It is just because of the Dutch identitity that the most songs are Dutch, I am suprised that we will actually have artists from the outside.

9 years ago

oh dear Netherlands, this line-up kinda pales in comparison to the bbc;s…:S