The Wiwi Jury—our in-house panel of music un-professionals—are hitting up Sweden for Melodifestivalen 2015 – its national selection for Eurovision. Twelve acts will sing out their souls to become the Swedish representative for Vienna. But before that happens, they must face the Wiwi Jury. In a trial by shade, the jurors will give their (brutally) honest critiques of each song and award it a score out of 10. The scores will then be averaged for the Wiwi Jury Verdict.

You can click the name of each song to read our complete review.

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Final Ranking:

1. Mäns Zelmerlöw – ‘Heroes‘ (8.45/10)
2. Eric Saade – ‘Sting‘ (8.4/10)
3. Mariette – ‘Don’t Stop Believing(7.7/10)
4. Dinah Nah – ‘Make Me (La La La)‘ (6.6/10)
5. Isa – ‘Don’t Stop‘ (6.45/10)
6. Jon Henrik Fjällgren – ‘Jag är fri (Manne leam frijje)‘ (6.05/10)
7. Jessica Andersson – ‘Can’t Hurt Me Now’ (5.5/10)
8. Samir & Viktor – ‘Groupie‘ (5.35/10)
9. Linus Svenning – ‘Forever Starts Today(5.3/10)
10. Magnus Carlsson – ‘Möt mig i Gamla stan(4.7/10)
11. JTR – ‘Building It Up‘ (4.5/10)
12. Hasse Andersson – ‘Guld och gröna skogar‘ (2.4/10)


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9 years ago

I think the songs ranked 1-4 by wiiwii jury are pretty good, but Mans or Dinah should win the final. 🙂

9 years ago

I cannot but see Mans winning by a landslide victory, Jon Henrik as runner-up. The other 10 stand no chance in this competition.

Heroes is not too good, but it’s graphic gimmick is very smart and the song very much alike Brother’ by Avicii….He looks good and doesn’t sing off key. So top 5 in Vienna for sure.

Jon Henrik’s song is more like ‘Return to innocence” by Enigma, a bit repetitive, but something different at least.

9 years ago

Sweden should send Mans to Eurovision.
He’s the only one that can actually make this competition an actual competition, otherwise it will be annoying as hell as all the songs are pretty awful.

I kinda have a few more friends sitting next to me that think the same.

9 years ago

What I want:
1. Mans
2. Magnus
3. Jon

What I think:

1. Jon
2. Mans
3. Eric