In anticipation of Romania’s Selectia Nationala, the Wiwi Jury is reviewing each of the 12 acts. Next up is Rodica Aculova. She auditioned with her song “My Light” in Moldova and got rejected, but was given a second chance in Romania. What did we think of Rodica Aculova’s song? Read on to find out.

David: Beautiful melody, incredible song, amazing voice. This takes you and carries you up and up and up. And then half way through, it then goes on to carry you even further. She owns you for the entire song. And hits these long high notes that are beautiful (as opposed to the screeching we get from some others) and fit perfectly in the song. This will easily make the top 10 in the final and would be a great entry for Romania. (And why on earth did Moldova not take her? That was stupid.)

Score: 10/10

Deban: “My Light” appears to be promising, but if one has to be truthful, it is rather boring. Some jurors have noted a positive extraction, saying that Ms Aculova takes you on a journey. I echo the same. She takes me on a journey from a nap to a coma.

Score: 3/10

Francheska: This belongs in a Barbie movie. I can’t even dignify this with putting it in Disney or even Dreamworks (you heard me!). It’s exceptionally schmaltzy, even considering something that was rejected from Moldova’s selection. That said, Rodica sings well and the instrumentals work well. Maybe it’s my secret chick flick song, or it’s going to leave me crying and craving a chocolate bar. Who knows?

Score: 6/10

hqdefaultIñaki: Every year we have a couple of entries in the national finals that are more likely to be heard in a musical or a Disney film. This song fits the bill. I have to admit that I like them, but everything about “My Light” is typical. Nothing new about the instrumentation, the structure, no surprises. It can only be dignified with a brilliant live performance.

Score: 6.5/10

Josh: In the first few seconds of the song I was thinking, “this may actually be good.” Oh boy, was I wrong! This song is boring, dated and sounds like a song that was penned for a low-budget Disney movie but it didn’t make the final cut for the soundtrack. Stick it in the bin.

Score: 3/10

Kristin: This isn’t quite reaching me. It’s truly a beautiful melody, but it feels forced somehow and I fear that Rodica might not deliver it all the way when performing live. It has all the essentials to be a great power ballad, but it’s just so predictable. A soothing piano in the beginning?  Check. A soft voiced singer, raising her voice higher and higher? Check. A dramatic climax in the middle. Check, check, and check! I can’t help but think about this as a cheaper version of “Quedate Conmigo”. Now, pardon me while I go do the laundry.

Score: 5/10

Louis: This song takes you on a journey, if you will. Starting calmly and progressing into a massive ending. As David mentioned above, her voice is incredible and easily reaches those high notes without screeching. However, from her live performance in the Moldovan selection, her delivery is shocking and struggles to keep in tune. Although a good song, she ruins it and consequently ruins her score.

Score: 4/10

Luis: Was she singing from another room at the beginning of the song? Feels like this song has got too many lyrics that I can’t really understand thanks to her English diction. Maybe in Romanian, it would sound good, but in English, it just doesn’t sound like anything but another bland, boring and predictable song bound for a wonderful middle-of-the-table placing.

Score: 3.5/10

Max: Did Romania raid Andrew Lloyd Webber’s recycling bin and find this chaotic, cheesy ballad? Any song that has ‘a silent ocean of dreams’ within it wreaks of desperation when it comes to lyric creativeness and shouldn’t have even been written, let alone recorded. Rodica has a decent voice but just stick to a theatre in Bucharest, darling. Don’t feel the need to share it with Europe.

Score: 6/10

Patrick: Rodica has a stunning strong voice, no doubt about that. The song itself is a beautiful ballad, but maybe too dramatic and it could be from a musical. I think the jury will love it, I really like it too! But I don’t think she will win as it’s not a standout ballad. A bit bland and histrionic.

Score: 6/10

65bqg5PxRobyn: There are two ways to review this song. First is to judge the studio version, in which case it’s nicely sung, a delicate but rather bland ballad. The other way is to review Rodica’s audition for the Moldovan national final, in which case it’s horrible. I can only assume the Romanian jury put this through for lolz, like a “bad audition” from The X Factor.

Score: 2/10

Sami: It’s a nice ballad but it’s missing a hook what would make it stand out of all the other ballads. It’s good at it grows in the end, as I got very bored during the first minutes. If she’s good live, this might be quite high Romania but I don’t think they end up sending this to Vienna.

Score: 4/10

Sopon: Snooze alert! Rodica’s ballad is sleepy, drowsy, and just plain dull. Moldova might be wrong sometimes, but this was one of the times they made a good decision. Rodica, try again when you have something that can actually retain my attention.

Score: 5/10

The highest and lowest scores have been removed before calculating the final scores to avoid bias. We have removed a high of 10 and a low of 2.

The Wiwi Jury Verdict: 4.7/10

You can read all of our reviews and rankings for Selectia Nationala 2015 by clicking here. You can also keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team from on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.

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Mario -The Vision of Gay Love - Bright Mind Full Of *Light*
Mario -The Vision of Gay Love - Bright Mind Full Of *Light*
9 years ago

Ok nice song here…But i don’t think that its too good strong to win the Romanian NF & represent Romania in the Diamond Vision..
5,5 /10