At the press conference for Selectia Nationala, our eyes were caught by one singer, a girl who wore bright blue lipstick. It turned out this was none other than “Voice of Romania” alum Cristina Vasiu, who will be singing “Nowhere“. We had to find out more about this girl, so she took time to talk with our New York correspondent Sopon. Let’s see what she had to say.

Hi Christina! Thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. The international music scene might be unfamiliar with your work, so we first want to know, who is Cristina Vasiu?

Cristina Vasiu is a young Romanian girl who can’t live without music!

How long have you been singing for, and do you have any formal training?

I’ve been singing ever since I was a child. In kindergarten, my teacher was the first person who noticed my musical abilities and the fact that I had a trickle of a voice at the time. She was the first person to encourage me and she convinced my parents that I had to sing. I have trained professionally, as I believe that passion and talent are not always enough to develop yourself as a complete artist. I’ve studied canto, violin and piano for eight years. In those eight years, I have learnt a lot but not enough for me to be satisfied, so I continue my musical studies daily.

cristina-vasiu-vocea-romanieiWe have seen you on the Voice of Romania before. Can you talk about your experience on the show? How has this prepared you for the competition?

The “Voice of Romania” experience was mega interesting for me. I went through many emotions and many situations that have molded me as a person. Since then, I am seeing the contests in which I enter as more relaxed, and not as a fierce competition. In the end, there is only one winner and if my moment is the best, no matter what the decision, I know I am the winner.

Have you competed on Selectia Nationala before?

Yes! Actually, last year I submitted the same song, “Nowhere”, in the open call for Selectia Nationala, but the stars were just not aligned for me. I did not end up releasing this commercially, but this payed off. This year, even though I had second thoughts in submitting the song (as it was still eligible), it seems that I had more luck.

Your song, “Nowhere”, has been called an underdog in Selectia Nationala. Do you think this will help you? Are you intimidated by having several of the other big names in the competition?

I am not intimidated by anything. It’s been long since I passed the phase in which my competitor had an effect on me. Team “Nowhere” is leaving for Craiova with the purpose of making a spectacle. If the Romanians appreciate what we will do on stage, then we are the winners.

What is your song about?

“Nowhere” tells a powerful love story that each and every one of us live. On the stage, in Craiova, we will try to show that no matter the sex, the age, or the color, love is universal. Love is not locked in prejudices or rules and it cannot be quantified. I wish that the world would respect the love between people, even if we are talking about two men, two women or a man and a woman.

What are the musical influences in this song?

“Nowhere” is a pop song with electro dub-step influences. It’s a very modern and extremely powerful song.

What assets set you apart from the competition, and why should Romania vote for you?

Every act on the stage in Craiova will be different and we will definitely be special. However, we are special because we are young and crazy! Romania will vote for the best show, the best voice, and the best song. I am sure about that. We want “Nowhere” to be exactly what Romania needs to go to Vienna with a full package, so keep your fingers crossed and vote for us, on the 8th of March, in the Romanian National Final.

cristina_vasiu_1_4c73ba83fcYou have been compared to Miley Cyrus by some Eurovision fans. What do you think of these comparisons?

I like Miley Cyrus but I am more inspired by Jessie J, Rihanna, Beyonce, Ellie Goulding and Sam Smith. Lately, Miley has been a spectacular character, so I believe that it’s a good thing that the Eurovision fans compared me with her. I thank them for that!

You wore blue lipstick to the press conference when the entries were announced. Was there any reason to do this?

There isn’t any particular reason for that! Every time I chose my clothes and makeup, it depends on the mood I have. That day, I noticed that my outfit needed more spectacular lipstick, so I had to choose between black and blue.

Have you followed Eurovision in the past? What is your favorite Romanian Eurovision song?

I follow Eurovision every year, both the national selection and the contest itself. I like a lot of the songs that have represented Romania, but the one that I think about right now is “Tornerò” by Mihai Traistariu. I can hear his fabulous trills even now, when I think about him.

Cristina, thank you very much for talking with us. Sadly, we have come to the end of our interview. Before you go, do you have a message for the readers of wiwibloggs?

Wonderful people, thank you for your support! Continue enjoying Eurovision! Love.

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Mario My Birthday Diamond Vision Of Gay Love ~ *BLUE* Is The Warmest Colour!
Mario My Birthday Diamond Vision Of Gay Love ~ *BLUE* Is The Warmest Colour!
8 years ago

Cristina was wearing *BLUE* lipstick at the press conference 4 Romania’s Selectia Nationala.. *BLUE* is my most favorite colour! <3 {along with Pink! 🙂 } And right now im wearing a shirt that is *BLUE*! <3 And its the very 1st time that i wore this shirt 4 the record! 🙂 There is a popular famous gay film that is called ^^ *BLUE* Is The Warmest Colour ^^ & won even the Golden Palm Trophy in the Cannes Film Festival in 2013..! <3 🙂 Its about 2 girls that fall in love with each other….A Lesbian LOVE.. 🙂 One of… Read more »

*Nowhere* Boy Mario ~ The Diamond Vision of Gay Love ~ Only Gay Love In The World!
*Nowhere* Boy Mario ~ The Diamond Vision of Gay Love ~ Only Gay Love In The World!
8 years ago

Exactly! Why should it matter really about whom anyone loves or is sexually attracted 4???? The existence of any kind of religion has made huge damage to humanity unfortunately.. There is NO any god! We ‘humans’ are just fucking mammals animals and nothing more! We are just evolved monkeys 4 fucks sake! We only have one life to live on this planet and our peak will be just few decades! So try to spend this time wisely and just live our short lifes as much beautifully we can! We ALL can have the fucking opportunity to chose 4 ourselfs who… Read more »

8 years ago

I like her, I’d actually like her to win now.