The Wiwi Jury—our in-house panel of music un-professionals—is surveying Melodi Grand Prix in Norway. Eleven artists will sing out their souls to win the Norwegian ticket for Vienna. But before that happens, they must face the Wiwi Jury. We will deploy shade and sass in order to evaluate who can sink or swim!

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Melodi Grand Prix 2015: REVIEWS and Rankings

1. Morland and Debrah Scarlett – “A Monster Like Me” (8.77)

2. Karin Park – “Human Beings” (8.36)

3. Jenny Langlo – “Next to You” (7.55)

4. Erlend Bratlund – “Thunderstruck” (6.64)

5. Marie Klapbakken – “Ta meg tilbake” (5.28)

6.  Raylee – “Louder” (5.25)

7. Tor & Bettan – “All Over the World” (4.77)

8. Alexandra Joner – “Cinderella” (4.64)

9.  Contrazt – “Heaven” (4.38)

10. Stasyman and Lazz – “En godt stekt pizza” (4.32)

11. Ira Konstantindis – “We Don’t Worry” (3.95)