After 12 days and an impressive 11,244 votes, we have a clear winner in our poll for best interval act of the past national final season. Ruslana was your favourite with more than 50% of the ballot. The energetic diva from Ukraine managed to steal the show at Romania’s Selectia Nationala final and grab 5,684 votes as a result.

First place: Ruslana

The amazing Ruslana, who was present for the second time in Craiova, after performing there in 2007, managed to beat other Eurovision favourites, like Loreen and Conchita Wurst, who finished second and third respectively.

Ruslana’s amazing appeal lies in the fact that she is an excellent performer. Unlike Loreen and Conchita Wurst, whose appearances were very calculated, the Ukrainian Eurovision winner had a more spontaneous show. She overrun her stage time by ten minutes, sang in Romanian reading lyrics off her phone, delivered an emotional and teary tribute to Ukraine, got off the stage and mingled with the audience to the shock of the organisers, and generally did her own thing. And people, both in the audience and at home, loved this.

Second place: Loreen

Loreen was second with her Melodifestivalen performance at Andra Chansen. She commanded the stage and got 1,591 of your votes votes, that is 14.15%. The 2012 Eurovision winner proved not only that she’s still got it, but that she can still surprise with her trademark striking, albeit minimal staging.

Third place: Conchita Wurst

Last year’s Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst was not only your third, but also your fourth, fifth, and sixth favourite in our poll, due to her various national final appearances. But it was the one in Austria, when she performed “You Are Unstoppable”, that she got the most votes for: 848, namely 7.54 percent. Granted, Conchy should be second with a grand total of 2,788 votes, but she still got less than half the percentage that Ruslana got. Nonetheless, her amazing performance in the Austrian final is simply unforgettable. We cannot wait to see what she’s got in store for us in May!

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She was WONDERFUL!!! Congrats!
All the best, for her and her country! 😀


are you crazy?? Riga Beaver was the best interval act ever!!


I’m sorry but ruslana really can’t sing in tune and she only won because of the silly Xenia warrior princess costume. Some dodgy voting here


I’m sorry but ruslana really can’t sing in time and she only one because of the silly Xenia warrior princess costume. Some dodgy voting here


Ruslana is not only an amazing artist, she’s got a big heart and a deep soul. Her performance, her words, her committment for her country – everything is coming from the bottom of her heart. People are touched by this sincerity. It makes her outstanding within ESC and within pop music. And that’s why this victory is well-deserved. Congratulations! 🙂


Ruslana is always great!
She charms from the first second and for all!
It is worthy of victory! Without a doubt!
I Love You, RUSLANA!!!
I Love You, Ukraine!!!


Ruslana doesn’t look like she has aged 1 minute since her 2004 final performance, oh my god! Amazing <3


Ruslana deserves it so much. Not only is Wild Dances one of the best eurovision winners, but I was so surprised at how “spontaneous” her performance was. I doubt she went into the interval act not knowing what she was about to do so thats why spontaneous is in “” but still, such an emotional performance 😀

Katya ESC

Ruslana is a very good singer! Love her soooo much! She is really winner) Ukrainian beautiful girl, cool friend and amazing artist! She has strong voice, I respect her) Have a long life lovely Ruslana :))))


Ruslana was simply amazing! I think that she can still win Eurovision again if she wants it.


Ruslana <3


50%???? HOW?!


Ukrainians didn’t vote honestly, you know it)


Third place should be Conchita Wurst instead of Loreen (again)

Mario ~ In Gay Love With EuroVision!
Mario ~ In Gay Love With EuroVision!

Ruslana is amazing! <3 😀
One of the best winners in our EuroVision! <3 😀
She had the whole package in 2004 so her victory was truly fair! <3 😀

Plus she is gay icon and big supporter of us and our gay rights! <3 🙂
In how many interviews that she has given she was by our side and we thank her 4 that! <3 🙂
She is cool 🙂
There are how many obnoxious winners {like Dima Bilan,Lena Mayer,Lordi}
but her is from the most sympathetic ones! <3 🙂
She has many supporters and the great majority of the eurofans love her <3 🙂