Do you want to see the 60th Eurovision Song Contest live in Vienna? Do you believe in love and have a bit of creativity? If so then Daniel Kajmakoski, who will represent FYR Macedonia in this year’s contest, has the perfect challenge for you.

We all love Daniel’s video for his entry “Autumn Leaves” but the video is missing its ending. Help Daniel complete his video love story by drawing a fitting ending to his preview video.

You’ll win a lot more than recognition in Eurovision-land. FYR Macedonia will send the winner to Vienna and cover all of their travel costs! The winner gets to see the first semifinal, where Daniel is performing, and will also get to meet Daniel himself. There won’t be one, not two but three lucky winners. Anyone who is living in Europe can take part, but the entries need to be sent in before April 20.

You can find more information about the contest from Daniel Kajmakoski’s official site. Make also sure to follow him on Twitter and like his page on Facebook.

You can read more FYR Macedonia news here.

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9 years ago

Daniel is my favorite too!

Mushroom Hank
Mushroom Hank
9 years ago

Anyone else taking part in this? Me and my equally Eurovision enthusiastic othe3r half are having great fun with it. Personally, Daniel’s is my favourite song this year, it has a “Life will be better in spring” feel about it from a few years back