It’s a new week but the team at wiwibloggs are still on a high after the Eurovision Pre-Party Riga 2015 on Friday night. The Baltics’ premier preview party played host to eight of this year’s Eurovision contestants – Aminata, Mélanie René, Elnur Husseynov, Nina Sublatti, Monika Linkyte and Vaidas Baumila, Eduard Romanyuta, Monika Kuszynska and Electro Velvet. However, it wasn’t all about the class of 2015. Four legends of the past performed, including Norway’s 2009 winner Alexander Rybak.

The man still holds the record for most points received at Eurovision, and it’s easy to see why. In a set filled with his greatest hits, Rybak exuded charisma and charm in equal measure. The songs may sound derivative on record, but they take on a whole new life live. From “Europe’s Skies” to his most recent track “Into A Fantasy” for How To Train A Dragon 2he had the audience firmly in the palm of his hand. The banter flowed in between tracks, although we noticed one fan-girl was unimpressed when he joked that Eurovision is in June. He closed out the show with a rather brilliant medley of Eurovision classics – “Fly On The Wings Of Love”, “Hold Me Now”, “Fångad Av En Stormvind” and “Satellite”, before breaking into “Fairytale”.

You can watch his full set below, and hopefully get a sense of the atmosphere on the night. We were impressed, are you?

Live Performance: Alexander Rybak – “Europe’s Skies”

Live Performance: Alexander Rybak – “In The Hall Of The Mountain King”

Live Performance: Alexander Rybak – “Into A Fantasy”

Live Performance: Alexander Rybak – “Roll With The Wind”

Live Performance: Alexander Rybak – Eurovision Medley / “Fairytale”


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8 years ago

As an unashamed Rybak fangirl I have to say I was really happy and impressed with his performance in Riga, simply amazing. I wish I’ll get to see him perform live someday.
I was really mad he didn’t even get a mention during the Greatests Hits concert while we were getting random UK entries stuffed down our throat, that was truly disrespectful to him and to Norway.

Just Mario xoxo ~ My Vision of Gay Love ~ Im In Gay Love With A Fairytale..!
Just Mario xoxo ~ My Vision of Gay Love ~ Im In Gay Love With A Fairytale..!
8 years ago

Alexander Rybak is charismatic and gifted with being a great showman delivering entertaining performanced and has the audience euphoric with his presence.. I couldn’t give him this credit that he knows how to amuse his listeners.. What would had happened if Alex was competing in the same Vision with Loreen…?? I have realised lately that HE would had won over Loreen leaving her behind with *Euphoria*…The main reason 4 that…? His show that would capture the audience…This is his precious ace and advantage.. By the way,he was very right to claim that the jury of Belarus NF let him down….4… Read more »