She might not have won over voters in Switzerland or Moldova, but Kitty Brucknell showed the audience at the London Eurovision Party that she still has pop power when she performed her national-selection song “Yearning”. But that’s not all she can do. Kitty also impressed us by running through imitations of iconic pop divas.

We caught up with the former X Factor UK star before the show and she treated us to some musical and spoken imitations of pop divas such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Cher, Dolly Parton, Duffy, and Lady Gaga. Prior to her big break on The X Factor, Kitty worked as a Britney, Christina and Gaga impersonator, and it looks like she hasn’t forgotten any of the old skills.

Kitty Brucknell imitates Britney, Dolly and Duffy at the London Eurovision Party

Kitty also had the opportunity to shine as herself when she performed “Yearning”, the song she submitted to both the Swiss and Moldovan national selections this year. Kitty brought bridal glam to the Café de Paris stage, wearing a dramatic white gothic wedding gown while confetti gently fluttered down upon her. It was a bold, dramatic performance, appreciated by the Cafe de Paris audience.

While we were happy to see Eduard Romanyuta and Mélanie René win the Moldovan and Swiss national finals respectively, we can’t help wonder what it would have been like if Kitty had been able to bring her sense of drama to Vienna.

Kitty Brucknell performs “Yearning” live at the London Eurovision Party

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Gavin Brockwell
Gavin Brockwell
7 years ago

Vocally stronger than some who performed that night. I like her sense of daring. I like that she is not afraid to go for it. She certainly came over as a professional and someone who wants to make it. Also totally lovely as I met her on the stairs.

Yearning was defiantly her best number and I want more from Kitty. Great show. Great image. Thanks Kitty

Mario ~ My Vision of Gay Love ~ I Want To Adopt A Hot Guy Babe As My *Kitty* Pet.. ;)
Mario ~ My Vision of Gay Love ~ I Want To Adopt A Hot Guy Babe As My *Kitty* Pet.. ;)
7 years ago

Oh another infamous starlet that was X Factor’s contestant from the hundreds..
It looks just hopeless 4 her to go & take part in how many NFs through Europe just to win the chance of going to Vision…But if she doesn’t mind & doesn’t care its up on her & anyone to do what they think that wil offer them the chance of performing live on the real stage of EuroVision…Just whatever..

I would say to her : ”hey kitty come kitty cat to me”…if she was a hot guy babe instead 😛