Back in March, at Romania’s Selectia Nationala press conference, we caught up with several of the acts and asked them to send y’all their love. The lead singer of rock band Voltaj, Calin Goia, provided us with this short but sweet greeting.

Fan Message: Calin Goia of Voltaj (Selectia Nationala 2015)

Calin Goia of Voltaj (Selectia Nationala 2015)

“De la capat” – Voltaj

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8 years ago

Well i have my doubts if they truly wanted the money to pay the technicians and not themselfs…Sorry but at least myself im not persuaded 100% if this was truly the case.. I think that they possibly tried to save their image when this story went public & was revealed to us eurofans by *oikotimes*.. I still recall that i read in the oikotimes news article that the romanians told Voltaj to pay ALL of their expences costs/tickets/food/room EVERYTHING and i guess that they would had paid their technicians too if they were asked about that favor BUT….It really seems… Read more »