Eurovision 2015 is almost upon us. Rehearsals start on 6 May (that’s next Monday!) and the team from wiwibloggs will be on the ground in Vienna covering everything. We’ll be tweeting, instagraming, snapchatting, pinning… yes, pinning! This year wiwibloggs is on Pinterest, and we’re planning on updating it with all the best pins. Whether it be stunning PR photo-shoots, interviews, or just some entertaining gifs – we’ll pin it! We already have 168 boards, and counting. So there’s sure to be something for everyone. Here’s a sneak peak.

Keep up with all the latest pins from this year’s contest

Follow wiwibloggs’s board Eurovision 2015 on Pinterest.

Maybe you need a catch-up with the ENTM ladies

Follow wiwibloggs’s board Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2015 on Pinterest.

Or perhaps you’d rather hang with the men

Follow wiwibloggs’s board Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2015 on Pinterest.

We’ve got dedicated boards to all the stars of 2015, including Måns

Follow wiwibloggs’s board Måns Zelmerlöw | Sweden Eurovision 2015 on Pinterest.

Nina Sublatti

Follow wiwibloggs’s board Nina Sublatti | Georgia Eurovision 2015 on Pinterest.

And Edurne

Follow wiwibloggs’s board Edurne | Spain Eurovision 2015 on Pinterest.

Feeling nostalgic? We’ve an ever increasing collection of boards devoted to past contestants such as Anggun,

Follow wiwibloggs’s board Anggun | France Eurovision 2012 on Pinterest.

Helena Paparizou

Follow wiwibloggs’s board Helena Paparizou | Greece 2005 and 2001 on Pinterest.

And even Mr. Eurovision himself, Johnny Logan

Follow wiwibloggs’s board Johnny Logan | Ireland Eurovision 1980 and 1987 on Pinterest.

All the national finals are covered too. So whether you’re into Melfest

Follow wiwibloggs’s board Sweden Melodifestivalen (#Melfest) 2015 | Eurovision on Pinterest.

Or Eesti Laul, you’ll find a board to suit

Follow wiwibloggs’s board Estonia – Eesti Laul 2015 | Eurovision on Pinterest.

So what are y’all waiting for? Click HERE to follow us on Pinterest. Let’s make Eurovision 2015 pin-tastic!

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Its The Final Countdown 12-14-16 Days To Go
Its The Final Countdown 12-14-16 Days To Go
7 years ago

In just 6 days the rehearsals will gonna start <3 🙂 Really unbelievable that time has passed so fast & in just only 12 days the 1st semifinal will gonna kick off..! <3 🙂 14 days 4 the 2nd SF 16 days 4 the Final I can't believe & really realize myself about how much close we have been now 4 Vienna's EuroVision 🙂 The time period from Malmo's Vision to Copenhagen's Vision really passed so quickly too! Unfortunately i didn't experience last year Denmark's EuroVision to such really significant degree 4 reasons.. But at least i feel more ready… Read more »

7 years ago

Oh…By the way i love the new emoticons of WiWiBloggs <3 🙂
I didn't like the old ones…But i do really like the nice new ones.. <3 🙂

7 years ago

This is so cool team of WiWiBloggs… <3 🙂
I'm gonna be follower of you in pinterest 4 sure <3 🙂

{ And you guys were even saving the best at the end….The last pin photos down below had my adored dear Tanja from Estonia… <3 🙂
Of course with no amazing Tanja there is no party in our Vision.. <3 🙂 }