Genealogy’s Tamar Kaprelian has been hard at work. She’s currently a student in New York, and has found herself flying back and forth to Armenia and Austria for rehearsals and promotional activities. On top of all that she’s also been studying for final exams and recording new solo material. And soon we will see the result of that. Today Tamar announced to wiwibloggs that her new EP, entitled “Yours To Keep”, will be released on May 19 – coincidentally the same day as the first semi-final of Eurovision 2015.

She will also release a new music video for the song “Yours To Keep” that same day. She shared some pictures of the promotional shoot for the video earlier. La la love!

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Posted by Tamar Kaprelian on Monday, April 13, 2015

This EP will consist of three original songs: “Yours To Keep”, “Ride Until You Run”, and “Wanna Go There With You”. The title track is calmer than her previous work, but might be the strongest track in her discography to date. The EP will also consist of two covers of songs by Billy Joel, one of her musical inspirations. Those two songs will be “Summer Highland Falls” and “Don’t Ask Me Why”.

Tamar talked to wiwibloggs about this release:

The new material is a bit of a departure for me sonically. There is a lot less piano. More acoustic guitar. All five songs are pretty stripped down. I got my band into a studio and instead of recording each instrument separately, I had them jam. I wanted to capture the essence of a live take- and I believe that comes across in the final master. Even the vocals, I insisted on doing full takes and choosing between the full takes. Having now lived in New York for three years, something about the city inspired me to want to record the tracks this way.

We are super excited to hear all of this new music coming out! Congratulations Tamar! Now we’re going to go take a nap and think of you!

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9 years ago

Cool! 🙂

9 years ago

Love you Tamar <3 Can't wait to hear it!

Mario, I'm personally expecting Armenia to qualify. I think we will get points from Russia, Belarus, Georgia, France and Australia, and also potentially from Belgium/Netherlands. However, I wouldn't be sad at all if we didn't get through because I'm not a fan of the song. 😛

I guess we will also have to see how they stage it and that could make a big difference one way or the other.

9 years ago

She seems really nice & sympathetic.. 🙂 Charming spirit aura.. 🙂 She is very pretty.. 🙂 I was informed that Geneaology will gonna release a brand new song in the upcoming days 🙂 Although too many eurofans do not like the armenian song it looks that i am in the minority of the fans that like it.. The only real con disadvantage with the song is that it gets repetitive with the *Don’t Deny* part… It is qualifier song 4 me & i have it as my 5th most liked on the 1st SF & in my top15 overall.. 🙂… Read more »