Following the success of her summery pop song “Bal“, Moje 3’s Nevena Bozovic is back with a bang in the shape of new single “Trebam Tebe”, “I Need You” in English. The Serbian star channels 1960s Hollywood Queens in her new music video. We see her posing in a classic convertible, exploring landscapes and effortlessly crooning by the piano. Slay, Nevena, slay!

Nevena stays true to form and presents us with a sophisticated music video to accompany the new song, featuring Croatian Top Model Vlaho Arbulic. The clip explores both the past and the future with love being the only unchanging element throughout the decades, (pretty deep if you ask us).

Nevena describes the song as “autobiographical” and she certainly hasn’t disappointed. After delivering incredible ballads and dance music, a chill-out classic is an incredible answer to our summer playlist needs!

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I love katie
7 years ago

katie u is da best

7 years ago

She needs to come back and represent Serbia alone once again.