Yes, we know Eurovision in Concert was weeks ago, but we still have loads of interviews to share with y’all! Like this one with Albania’s representative, Elhaida Dani. She told us lots more about herself. For example, did you know she enjoys kick-boxing? Watch out, she may get you back if you criticise her!

Of course the conversation naturally turned to her preparations for Vienna. She’s excited by all the attention she’s been getting in the Albanian media, even though she says she prefers singing to appearing on talk shows. But that’s showbiz! Elhaida was also very enthusiastic about moving to Trieste. Oh, and her gender confused cat makes yet another cameo. Watch the full interview below.

Interview: Elhaida Dani in Amsterdam

Elhaida Dani live at Eurovision in Concert

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7 years ago

Goddess <3333333 I hope you go all the way, Elhaida!