Fashion is cruel and so are we. After watching our readers kick 15 ladies out of the Top Model house, we convinced our finalists that they were sitting pretty in the race to win Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2015. But, after reviewing our girls, we decided that we needed to up the beauty quotient. In a state of she-mergency, we had no choice but to throw the castaways a lifeline. We gave power to the people and asked y’all to vote for the lady you most wanted us to ressurect from the graveyard at the end of the runway.

During the 48-hour voting window, you guys cast a total of 1,809 votes. It was so tight at the top that the judges have decided to show mercy to two women rather than just one. We can now announce that Estonia’s Elina Born — she who was left alone in bed by Stig — and Greece’s Maria Elena Kyriakou — a model with much more than “One Last Breathe” — have clawed their way into the final. Ladies: Congratuations. You’re back in the race!

The finals of Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2015 will resume on the evening of Monday, May 10. That’s tonight y’all.

Eurovision’s Next Top Model: Wildcard results

  1. Estonia: Elina Born 13.93% (252 votes)
  2. Greece: Maria-Elena Kyriakou 12.88% (233 votes)
  3. Latvia: Aminata Savadogo 10.95% (198 votes)
  4. Slovenia: Marjetika (Maraaya) 9.84% (178 votes)
  5. Germany: Ann Sophie 8.79% (159 votes)
  6. Portugal: Leonor Andrade 7.74% (140 votes)
  7. Belarus: Maimuna 7.08% (128 votes)
  8. Poland: Monika Kuszynska 4.86% (88 votes)
  9. Hungary: Boggie 4.81% (87 votes)
  10. San Marino: Anita Simoncini 4.59% (83 votes)
  11. UK: Bianca Nicholas 4.09% (74 votes)
  12. Czech Republic: Marta Jandová 3.87% (70 votes)
  13. The Netherlands: Trijntje Oosterhuis 2.76% (50 votes)
  14. Serbia: Bojana Stamenov 2.6% (47 votes)
  15. France: Lisa Angell 1.21% (22 votes)

Total Votes: 1,809

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I don’t get it, Maria Elena looks a fair bit like Edurne, but Edurne has more votes….