Mélanie René was full of energy on the red carpet at the Eurovision Opening Ceremony. Clearly enjoying her time to shine on Sunday evening, she described the entire Eurovision experience as “unreal”.

Mélanie’s dress was designed by Frédéric Luca Landi, who has also designed the stunning gown and cape that she is wearing in her performance. She was loving it and judging by our poll, the majority of y’all were too.

Mélanie also seemed to be over the moon about the conditions for her song, telling us that the Swiss team has got “everything we asked for” from the team at ORF. Mélanie also said that the girl power running through her performance just “sort of happened,” but it was still “brilliant” that the outcome was such.

Watch: Mélanie René on the red carpet

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Mario My Vision of Gay Love
Mario My Vision of Gay Love
8 years ago

They say you live the life that you deserve to or you are strong for….That is just total cr@p… Most of us live truly f**ked up lifes… How many of the 7+ billions of humans do really live happy life…?? Not that big percentage 4 sure… And the others rest ones that are lucky to live a GreAtY life they are just do not deserve this privilege more than the others unfortunate souls… All this sh*t & catastrophy would get just avoided in our lifes… You do not live the life you want or you are ment to at all…But… Read more »

Mario My Vision of Gay Love
Mario My Vision of Gay Love
8 years ago

I really liked Switzerland’s song from the 1st time i heard it…I even liked it more on the revamped version…<3 Now its my 4th most liked song on the 2nd SF… But i really do not think that Melanie will manage to qualify to the big final though.. At least i do not think so that Melanie will gonna finish last though…She will gonna battle to get a place somewhere from 11th-16th.. ——————————————————————————— You are waiting & wonder when this GreAtY time 4 you to shine will come…. What if this time might will never ever come 4 you…? I… Read more »