Cuteness overload, y’all! The Sammarinese duo of Anita Simoncini and Michele Perniola looked fabulous at the Eurovision red carpet and both of them were clearly excited to be there too, even with their previous Junior Eurovision expererience. In Anita’s words, “that was a little smaller” in comparison to the grandeur of ESC.

The young duo were both fashionably styled out and told us they were most excited to be able to “shake hands with Conchita” and generally have fun. Anita said “it’s a little difficult” to keep up with friends (and Michele’s girlfriend in particular!) because they’re so busy, but even so, the whole experience has been amazing.

They also revealed some very different pre-performance rituals: Anita prefers to take things calmer, while Michele just “runs on stage”. You can watch the red carpet interview below, as well as our interview with them following their first rehearsal at Eurovision 2015.

Watch: Anita & Michele on the red carpet

Watch: Anita & Michele after their first rehearsal

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8 years ago

I feel so bad for these two kids.. the song they will perform is sooo dated and not age appropriate.. they are basically ridiculed in Vienna.

With a cool contemporary song they could have ended in the top5…. now they will struggle not to come last in the semi

Mario My Vision of Gay Love
Mario My Vision of Gay Love
8 years ago

My prediction 4 San Marino tonight is..
16th -17th place..
Points less than 15-0..

I really wonder what Michele & Anita gonna do if they hear San Marino’s name getting called among the 10 lucky qualifiers…They will gonna go wild & cheer loudly i guess… 🙂 hehe

I have the song of Michelino & the san marinese ‘Ivi Adamou’ Anita 11th/17 in my own top ranking..