Post-Eurovision depression may be setting in, but there are plenty of ways to fight the blues and keep the euro-dance going! We suggest having an Instagram binge and reliving the contest through the eyes of this year’s competing artists. To help you we’re shouting out to 13 of our favourite Instagram accounts from Eurovision 2015 below. Note these are just some of our favourites. Further posts and further stars to follow…

13. Anti Social Media (Denmark)


Pros: Unlike Finland’s PKN, these guys are clearly friends off the stage. I also appreciate irony. A band called “Anti Social Media” having an Instagram account is just hilar.

Cons: That smushed face picture keeps me up at night from fright. ‘Nuff said. Also, some of the pictures leave me wondering if someone spiked my milk with LSD.

12. Melanie Rene


Pros: Melanie enjoyed Eurovision to the fullest. If Instagram had a Miss Congeniality for Eurovision, she’d win it!

Cons: It’s reaching monotony. And I’m not impressed.

11. Uzari and Maimuna


Pros: It’s hard for two people to have a joint account! Thank god they don’t have too much clash. Also, Uzari and Maimuna are so attractive my ovaries are not okay.

Cons:  It looks like they compromised a little too much.

10. Maria Olafs


Pros: She manages to mingle without looking like she’s trying too hard. This is some serious composure.

Cons: There’s just something about that dress with being barefoot that disturbs me. Idk what it is. Bad juxtaposition?

9. Nina Sublatti


Pros: Fan art, no filter photos, and that aesthetic.

Cons: That profile picture is mildly horrifying. Thank God for eyebrows and Nina’s usually strong eyebrow game.

8. Molly Sterling


Pros: Homegirl knows how to keep it real and have fun. Vital balance.

Cons: A little dull at times, and if every photo of you is with another person, sometimes identities get confused.

7. Guy Sebastian


Pros: The contestant who flew the most miles sure knows how to build bridges.

Cons: I cannot forgive that hick shirt (Top right). I cannot.

6. Elnur Huseynov


Pros: Elnur loves his fans, shows his support, and is adorable. Honestly.

Cons: It gets a tad generic, and as fun as that photobombing is, it’s a tad creepy. Just a tad. Keep improving.

5. Tamar Kaprelian


Pros: Cuz I’m all about that face, that face. Seriously, it’s perf. Also, artistic national pride and drinks. My actual aesthetic.

Cons: Some more bandmate photos would be appreciated, so that we can be sure you’re not a complete diva. But let’s face it, Tamar is the star…

4. Polina Gagarina


Pros: That picture with Conchita may lead to world peace. It really could. Polina lives our best life: happiness, cute dresses, and kisses all around.

Cons: Ok, somebody explain that lemur packaging. I’m legit confused.

3. Il Volo


(We are also hyperlinking the individual accounts of the members).

Pros: They’re all too cute to function. I can’t. I have lost the ability to can. The individual accounts are to die for.

Cons:  A teensy bit press-heavy. Teensy bit. But I guess that’s why we can follow the rest of y’all.

2. Mans Zelmerlow


Pros: Messi, “Dog’s Point of View”, it doesn’t hurt to be adorable, and also go Sverige!

Cons: None whatsoever

1. Edurne


Pros: She has the best dresses imaginable. I swear. Also that shot of her during the performance *dead*.

Cons: None whatsoever.

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6 years ago

None whatsoever? I believe there are some cons that you can point out on their accounts.

6 years ago

The lemur means “take it easy”. It’s just a russian joke

6 years ago

Elina???? And wiwi can you do an article about Elina’s new album, it’s really amazing!!!

6 years ago

Elina Born is the only who participated at this year’s ESC and I follow on Instagram. She should be in this list 🙂

the truth
the truth
6 years ago

@monikalikyte has pretty good pictures too.

Mario My Vision of Gay love
Mario My Vision of Gay love
6 years ago

Nina’s pic with the flowers on her hair is so beautiful <3 Her profile cover pic although kinda bizarre is beautiful too <3 Her song was my #1 favorite… She deserved to rank at least 8th so to beat the all time best place of Georgia in our Vision… She was not that underrated with her 11th place but she deserved more.. Her song was fantastic & she delivered a GreAtY performance on stage of the illuminating Eye of Vienner Stadhalle.. <3 So she definitely deserved much more points than the 51 she received.. More than 100 points 4 Nina… Read more »

6 years ago

Great article and great choices all round 🙂

Mario My Vision of Gay love
Mario My Vision of Gay love
6 years ago

Nina’s is my #1 favorite… <3

6 years ago

“somebody explain that lemur packaging”
It’s a Russian meme, a lemur and “uzbagoysya” word which is corrupted “uspokoysya” which means “take it easy/relax”.