Hera Björk “had that special something” at Eurovision 2010 — and she had it again when we caught up with her on the red carpet ahead of the Eurovision 2015 Opening Ceremony. The Icelandic Eurovision diva had spent the previous few months travelling between Chile, where she currently resides with her family, and Iceland in order to coach Iceland’s ESC 2015 singer María Ólafs.

Hera praised María’s hard work and open-minded attitude: “She’s working her ass off to do this as well as she can, as we all are, and it’s fantastic.”

María crashed out of the semi finals a few days later, and Hera had to work the press room afterwards when María headed back to the hotel. But we suspect her love for her job and María remain as strong as ever. Working as a vocal coach for young people clearly gives Hera a lot of joy. As she says, “Its all about the connection!”

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Mario I Am Summer ~ My Vision of Gay Love ~ *One Step At A Time* (and one step backwards)
8 years ago

I didn’t expect Maria Olafs & Iceland to not qualify in Vienna’s Vision…4 me it was big surprise.. {was surprised about Malta’s, elimination too} It was the first time since 2007 that Iceland was eliminated in the SF after 7 whole consecutive qualifications in row back to back.. Iceland’s 15th place is the worst place that Iceland has got since the introduction of the format of the 2 SFs Iceland’s 14 gathered points are the lowest ever 4 them since the Vision of 2001..{they had finished 22th with 3 points} Hopefully Iceland will rise like a phoenix next year &… Read more »