On June 7 Kaliopi, the pop-rock diva who represented Macedonia in 2012, released her latest single “Poželi” (Wish). Eurovision fans will appreciate that the song oozes the same style as “Crno i belo”. And for good reason: Like her Eurovision entry, it was written by Romeo Gril, her ex-husband. She’s over-the-moon with his work. “I would marry Romeo again!” she said after hearing the work.

I’m going to advise against it. Despite its composer, the song feels more like Tarja Turunen (of Nightwish fame) going electronic. The beginning is generic Balkan pop and, although the chorus explodes, this ultimately feels a little hollow and lacks cohesion. That said, the video, which was filmed in Skopje, is playful and Kaliopi looks geat with those bangs. The sleek production help convey the personality of the song, which is ultimately likeable, even if the song isn’t essential listening.

Interview: Kaliopi (Macedonia 2012)

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“Poželi” – Kaliopi

Zamisli da nam
nešto krene na zlo
ogledalo slomi
il prospe se sol.

Pa nam ljubavni san
u inat pokvari plan
jer želimo nešto
što traje za dan.

Neee… nemoj ne
još uvijek volim te
sve… bi bilo sve
od tuge tužnije.

Poželi ako odeš
poželi me za tren
zaustavit cu vrijeme
dok još nisi njen.

Jer sve je tvoje moje
na javi i u snu
poželi me ko nikad
dok si tu.

Poželi ako odem
da nigdje ne stignem
i zovi moje ime
da se okrenem.

Jer sve je tvoje moje
na javi i u snu
daj poželi me ko nikad
voli dok sam tu.


Imagine us
something goes wrong
mirror broken
or upon the spilled salt.

Let us dream of love
in defiance of the plan breaks down
because we want something
which lasts for a day.

Nooo… do not
still love you
… everything would be all
sadder than sadness.

Wish if you go
wants me for a moment
I’ll stop time
while still not her.

For all your mine
in reality and in dream
wants me who never
While you’re there.

Wish if I go
to get nowhere
and call my name
to turn around.

For all your mine
in reality and in dream
Give me who never wants
loves while I’m here.

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5 years ago

She MUST come back for Macedonia in 2016!!!

5 years ago

Crno I Belo is my favourite non-English song ever and I love this one too. Plz get her back Macedonia! <3

5 years ago

I personally think this is the best she’s been since “Crno i Belo,” and that’s saying something.

Mario I Am Summer ~ My Summer Vision of Gay Love
Mario I Am Summer ~ My Summer Vision of Gay Love
5 years ago

Kaliopi is cool lady…I like her…She is sympathetic as persona too.. 🙂
She was from the acts that stood out in the Vision of 2012..
Her visionary entry *Crno I Belo* was very good song..

I would not mind at all if she decided to enter again making a comeback in our Vision 🙂

5 years ago

Kaliopi to represent Macedonia at the Eurovision 2016.