A question mark still hangs over Turkey’s Eurovision 2016 participation, but thankfully we can still enjoy great music from some of our favourite Turkish Eurovision stars. They are working hard for their summer hits! Can Bonomo, who rocked the boat for Turkey during its last participation at ESC 2012 in Baku, has released “Dem”, the third single from his most recent album Bulunmam Gerek. 

Can Bonomo – “Dem” Official Video

Can talks about his love and begs her to love him back again. “Give me a touch of your love,” he says. “You are the life, take me away. Let the universe see what love is!” Yes, “Dem” is fueled by the madness of love and it’s also very catchy and already charting well in Turkey.

Can Bonomo’s Twitter drama

It’s not all good news for Can, though. He recently had a bit of trouble with his Twitter account. A few weeks ago a hacker group broke into Can’s account and posted some unsightly messages. But he was quick on the draw and tweeted a reaction.


“My account was hacked last night. Thank you for not relaying those horrible tweets which were sent using my name.”

Can also revealed that “some cheats are calling people and acting like me.” Uh, oh. We really hope all the haters stop hating soon!

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Photo: canbonomo.com

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7 years ago

Can Bonomo is a handsome dude for a Turk. lol

Loved him in 2012 glad that similar style of music (I wish it had a name!) isn’t lost in his new song.

7 years ago

His song in english means *Me Too* So him too is gay? I take it as yes 😛 hehe At least he has to be bisexual… Many Turks are either gay or bi sleeping with other men even if they married with women & have children…The gay date application sites are full of ‘straight’ married men that want to fool around with other guys.. I find Turks really hot & sexy race… <3 I did not really like his visionary song *Love Me Back* in the Vision of 2012 though…I found his acting/performance kinda annoying even.. And the fact that… Read more »