Kalomira — Greece’s Eurovision 2008 singer — needs you to know something: You shouldn’t waste your summer thinking about past loves! Just grab a pina colada, slip into your bikini, dance to some music and you will forget him and the songs you used to share.

That seems to be the message of “This Is Summer”, Kalomira’s EDM offering for your next pool party. The song starts off with summer inspiring memories of an ex. Kalomira is waiting for their song to come on the radio but it doesn’t. At least she knows she’s going to have to get over him: “I don’t understand why I do this to myself…”

By the final verse she asks what she’s become by waiting, suggesting self-awareness has taken hold, and she reaches a point where she can finally feel the sun. Given that she repeats “our bodies on the floor…oh, oh, oh…” it sounds like she’s finally moved on. YASSS!

This is Summer lyric video — Kalomira

This is Summer LYRICS — Kalomira

When the summer’s off I’m turning on the radio
Waiting for the song we used to like, my baby
Now I stand alone, and we are done, I should’ve known
I don’t understand why do I do this to myself

Just a year ago when you loved me so
I can’t turn back time baby I move on
Yeah the summer’s on I can feel the sun

Oh Oh Oh Our bodies on the floor
Cuz Everywhere I go The summer is on
A new summer’s on I’m turning on the radio
And I can’t find the song we used to like, my baby
Now I stand and think “What I’ve become by waiting for”
Waiting for you baby got me losing all myself

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Kalomira Rocked In The Vision of 2008
Kalomira Rocked In The Vision of 2008
8 years ago

Oh what a beast our sweetheart Kalomira was in the Vision of Belgrade! <3 She even managed to beat the big winner Dima Bilan on the SF! 🙂 hehe Dima might was jealous & felt envy towards her for sure.. 😛 I didn't expect Kalomira to do that great to be honest! In a point she was even first leading! I would be satisfied if we succeded a top10 result but i was overblown with this huge successs of our proud girl <3 218 received points! Only 12 points less than our winner Helena Paparizou! The same amount of points… Read more »

8 years ago

Well the fact that we are totally broke didn’t stop 4 our greek channels to spend too much money 4 football events like Champions League.. And EuroVision has much higher tv ratings with being more popular even! The Vision cost us way less money than other teleVision programms/shows.. It really worths all its money i say! <3 🙂 We have extra much $$ profit every year so why really fix something that its not broken to begin with?? 😉 At the worst case scenario if it gets too much 4 us we won't promote our song with european tour &… Read more »

8 years ago

@ Well that won’t be really a problem 4 us to participate next year…
Like we did this year,last year in 2014 & 2 years ago in 2013 & in 2012..
All the costs will e covered by sponsors & the music discographic company that will send the winning act in Sweden’s 61st Vision..

We will even have financial benefit from our participation 🙂

8 years ago

I have a feeling that Greece can’t participate in 2016 though. They are totally broke.

Mario Kalomira My Secret Combination :)
Mario Kalomira My Secret Combination :)
8 years ago

Oh i missed Kalomira! <3
One of my favorite greek artists! <3

She was living in America all these years since 2009..
She got married & had a family! <3
She has twin boys! <3 🙂

Her visionary song *My Secret Combination* was GreAtY! <3
One of the pest uptempo pop songs ever in history of our Vision! <3

I really want Kalomira to represent us again in EuroVision! <3