You can’t keep a Eurovision star down — especially when you’re talking about first-ever winner Lys Assia. While at home last Saturday, the Grand Dame of the contest had an unfortunate encounter with a metal rod on her balcony, which sent her to the hospital. The serious health scare has frightened fans, but, as the Swiss press reports, not Lys herself, who has beaten the odds before.

At the hospital, she was treated for a serious injury and bleeding, resulting in 18 stitches on her knee and arm. Nonetheless, the 91-year old singer refused to be hospitalised for further care, telling the doctors, “I don’t have time for this.” All we can say is,


On Sunday morning, the Eurovision star signed her release forms and went home, despite the doctors’ advice that she should spend more time on the hospital bed. She will return in 14 days, when her stitches will have to be removed.

Moreover, Lys Assia, who was crowned “Queen of Eurovision” in London earlier this year, has said that she could not imagine spending her last years in a home for the elderly, especially since she feels fit. “I have always been very athletic and I have never smoked in my life,” she added. That’s the spirit, Lys!

The Queen of Eurovision has a reputation for being outspoken. Although always very gracious with her fans and with the press, she does not mince her words and doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind. In this brief interview with our Deban in Baku, she told us that she should have won the national selection and then Switzerland would have qualified for the final.

Also in an interview with Deban this year in Vienna, she told wiwibloggs that she didn’t win because the stage wasn’t modern enough!

We love Lys Assia’s invigoratingly candid and fearless approach to life and we wish her a speedy recovery. Last but definitely not least, we hope to see her take to the Eurovision stage again one day!

Lys Assia is the first ever Eurovision winner. Back in 1956, she won for Switzerland with the song “Refrain”.

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7 years ago

I can still imagine Lys Asia dancing in her house like she is still a young woman… <3 🙂
Most maybe there is a chance that she suffered from this injury when she was dancing to some dance uptempo disco pop song…hehe.. 😉 <3

#Shake.It Lys <3 😉
Its never late 4 that <3 🙂

#MarioVision ~ Long Live The First Winner of Our Vision Miss Lys Asia! :)
#MarioVision ~ Long Live The First Winner of Our Vision Miss Lys Asia! :)
7 years ago

Well i find her cool <3 She is a Diva Star <3
Even now that she is 91 years old Lys still remains active with EuroVision..
Like the oldest living fan of EuroVision Ella that was 105 years old before she passes away this past January sadly..

Hope that dear Lys will manage to reach 100 living years…And even more..
Ok we all gonna die & won't live 4 too long but i wish that Lys will live as muc as possible 🙂
Lys can stay with us for another 10-15 more years <3 🙂
#Long.Live.Lys.Asia! <3 🙂

7 years ago

Oh just ignore that old witch… as “cute” as she may seem, she insults everyone and is a huge attention seeker. I’m Swiss and so tired of these stories of hers… and so are the media, as it seems, since that paper you cited is a tiny regional one 😉

7 years ago

I still hope that switzerland will send her to eurovision. or some other country…. she deserves to participate one more time..