Darin has been a frequent performer on the Allsång på Skansen stage and his appearance this week was his best yet. He placed second on Swedish Idol in 2004, fourth in Melodifestivalen in 2010, and this year his pop career has just gone from strength to strength, as he demonstrated to the Allsång crowd.

Darin started with his first Swedish-language single “Ta mig tillbaka” (Take me back), a lush, nostalgic look back at the freedom of youth, and a platinum-selling hit that isn’t showing any sign of leaving the Swedish chart.


He also performed an acoustic version of his emotional 2013 single “Nobody Knows”. The song – which will soon been released as a single internationally – was previously performed by Darin as the interval act of the second semi-final at Eurovision 2013.


Darin closed the show with the premiere of his new single “Juliet”, inspired by the classic Shakespearean love story. Both it and “Ta mig tillbaka” headed to the top of the Swedish iTunes chart straight after the show, proving that there’s a lot of love for Darin and his new Swedish-language pop tunes.


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Next week features Ulrik Munther and the very fabulous Dinah Nah, and the week after sees Alcazar beam down from their disco mothership with oodles of glam fun.

21 July: Dinah Nah, Ida LaFontaine, Kjell Lönnå & Sundsvalls Kammarkör, Lasse Stefanz & Mikael Wiehe, Ulrik Munther
28 July: Alcazar, Gunilla Backman, Jessica Andersson & Charlotte Perrelli, Svante Thuresson & Pernilla Andersson, Viktor Olsson
4 August: Cajsa Stina Åkerström, Christina Nilsson, Bruno Mitsogiannis, Peter Johansson, David Lindgren, Robert Rydberg, Petter, Say Lou Lou
11 August: Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester, Lena Philipsson, Tommy Körberg, Rigmor Gustafsson & Viktoria Tolstoy, Robert Noack & Maria Ylipää

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5 years ago

I’d say Darin has become cheesy as hell. These songs are classic Svensktoppen material. With another beat they would be typical dansband tracks. No, in my opinion his absolute best is the Olle Ljungström cover “En apa som liknar dig” (from the TV4 Så mycket bättre show). Great lyrics that he turned into a really great song.

#MarioVision ~ You Think Like A Fool That *Nobody Knows* But Everybody Knows Instead!
#MarioVision ~ You Think Like A Fool That *Nobody Knows* But Everybody Knows Instead!
5 years ago

He is hot hunk babe…

He participated in Melodifestivalen just once back in 2010..
He did great & finished 4th..

ESC Radio was playing a while ago *Kom* by Timotej that was in the same Melodifestivalen & finished one spot lower as 5th..