It’s almost time to wrap up the inaugural edition of wiwivision – our alternative song contest. But we still have one more job left to do. If you haven’t watched the grand final results show yet, we advise you catch-up. Because spoilers lie ahead as we reveal the full breakdown of the results for semi-final one and semi-final two.

Ireland won the grand final by a gigantic landslide. However, they only came fourth in the second semi. The semi was won by Lithuania, who conversely failed to break the top ten in the final, finishing 11th. It’s a similar story with the first semi. Hungary won by a comfortable margin, yet in the final Georgia and Belgium did better.

The split results show that the juries and televoters were largely in agreement as to what countries should qualify. Their sole clash was in semi-one, where the juries ranked Greece a lowly 14th only for the public to rank them third, giving the Mediterranean country enough points to nudge Russia out of contention. Another interesting difference is in semi-two. Despite their divisive sound, the juries marked San Marino as their highest non-qualifier. But the public scuppered the microstate’s chances by ranking them second from last.

The full results for both semis are laid out below, along with the jury/televote split. If you want to analyse these in further detail and see each individual juror score click HERE.

wiwivision 2015: Semi-final one results

1. Hungary 278
2. Georgia 261
3. Belgium 237
4. Finland 191
5. Netherlands 188
6. Romania 162
7. Estonia 155
8. Moldova 144
9. Denmark 140
10. Greece 119
11. Russia 110 [ELIMINATED]
12. Serbia 85 [ELIMINATED]
13. Belarus 73 [ELIMINATED]
14. Albania 63 [ELIMINATED]
15. FYR Macedonia 63 [ELIMINATED]
16. Armenia 50 [ELIMINATED]

wiwivision 2015: Semi-final one jury results

1. Belgium 146
2. Georgia 131
3. Hungary 127
4. Netherlands 104
5. Finland 99
6. Estonia 94
7. Moldova 90
8. Denmark 78
9. Romania 71
10. Russia 59 [ELIMINATED]
11. Serbia 45 [ELIMINATED]
12. Belarus 36 [ELIMINATED]
13. FYR Macedonia 29 [ELIMINATED]
14. Greece 26
15. Albania 16 [ELIMINATED]
16. Armenia 9 [ELIMINATED]

wiwivision 2015: Semi-final one televote results

1. Hungary 151 (13%)
2. Georgia 130 (11.23%)
3. Greece 93 (8%)
4. Finland 92 (7.9%)
5. Romania 91 (7.86%)
6. Belgium 91 (7.83%)
7. Netherlands 84 (7.25%)
8. Denmark 62 (5.38%)
9. Estonia 61 (5.24%)
10. Moldova 54 (4.66%)
11. Russia 51 (4.42%) [ELIMINATED]
12. Albania 47 (4.08%) [ELIMINATED]
13. Armenia 41 (3.54%) [ELIMINATED]
14. Serbia 40 (3.44%) [ELIMINATED]
15. Belarus 37 (3.2%) [ELIMINATED]
16. FYR Macedonia 34 (2.96%) [ELIMINATED]

wiwivision 2015: Semi-final two results

1. Lithuania 265
2. Switzerland 248
3. Sweden 242
4. Ireland 233
5. Norway 222
6. Cyprus 205
7. Portugal 190
8. Poland 153
9. Malta 149
10. Latvia 112
11. Czech 80 [ELIMINATED]
12. Slovenia 77 [ELIMINATED]
13. Israel 65 [ELIMINATED]
14. San Marino 61 [ELIMINATED]
15. Iceland 58 [ELIMINATED]
16. Azerbaijan 50 [ELIMINATED]
17. Montenegro 26 [ELIMINATED]

wiwivision 2015: Semi-final two jury results

1. Lithuania 153
2. Switzerland 146
3. Ireland 142
4. Sweden 127
5. Norway 101
6. Cyprus 95
7. Portugal 86
8. Poland 69
9. Malta 65
10. Latvia 58
11. San Marino 35 [ELIMINATED]
12. Czech 34 [ELIMINATED]
13. Slovenia 32 [ELIMINATED]
14. Iceland 29 [ELIMINATED]
15. Israel 26 [ELIMINATED]
16. Azerbaijan 18 [ELIMINATED]
17. Montenegro 2 [ELIMINATED]

wiwivision 2015: Semi-final two televote results

1. Norway 121 (9.93%)
2. Sweden 115 (9.43%)
3. Lithuania 112 (9.17%)
4. Cyprus 110 (9.02%)
5. Portugal 104 (8.57%)
6. Switzerland 102 (8.36%)
7. Ireland 91 (7.50%)
8. Malta 84 (6.89%)
9. Poland 84 (6.89%)
10. Latvia 54 (4.41%)
11. Czech 46 (3.8%) [ELIMINATED]
12. Slovenia 45 (3.7%) [ELIMINATED]
13. Israel 39 (3.24%) [ELIMINATED]
14. Azerbaijan 32 (2.64%) [ELIMINATED]
15. Iceland 29 (2.38%) [ELIMINATED]
16. San Marino 26 (2.13%) [ELIMINATED]
17. Montenegro 24 (1.93%) [ELIMINATED]

wiwivision grand final results show

What do y’all make of the results? Let us know below.


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5 years ago

@ Ok….Well the public poll voting does look suspicious.. Its just seems tricky that the winner’s song was voted 7th in the poll in the semifinal but suddenly managed to receive so many votes in the final instead.. I didn’t mean to cause any fuzz & my purpose was just honest.. The poll voting even with this way of promotion does not seem fair to the other songs & passes as non 100% valid to me when these plenty votes were gathered with this way.. If i was the player of Ireland’s song i would really be non pleased 4… Read more »

Eugene ESC UK
5 years ago

Padraig :- Well “democracy” is just one word to use, I’m sure the readers can think of others which they are entitled to do. I’m not really sure why anyone should be so desperate to win a poll? But there you go? The regular readers know that the Irish have history on this site “distorting” the polls, and I maybe wrong, but I would assume the majority of Markus fans are from Ireland and the majority of Dami Im fans are from Australia and so on, so perhaps you should get over yourself and stop being ridiculous and let the… Read more »

Eugene ESC UK
5 years ago

Padraig :- For clarity I never said the vote was rigged please get your facts right!! We all know when a link is shared and promoted on social media the polls get distorted. I’m not sure what that proves? Does that prove it is the best song? You obviously do?

5 years ago

Judging by the results and the similarity of choices between public and jury it is a high chance that there was not a lot more than jury to vote also as public.

#MarioVision ~ Ireland is NOT the real true winner of the WiWi Vision
#MarioVision ~ Ireland is NOT the real true winner of the WiWi Vision
5 years ago

Hungary was the only country that received points by ALL juries in the 1st SF.. Lithuania was the only country that was voted by ALL juries in the 2nd SF.. In the final no country was voted by ALL juries though.. ————————————————————- Ok after i checked analytically the data im totally positive that Ireland won just because of the rigged voting in the public poll…Too many fake votes that all went to Ireland…Typical like many of the rest also rigged public voting polls that were filled with tones of fake votes.. It doesn’t make sense at all that Ireland was… Read more »

5 years ago

These results make more sense than those of the final. Lithuania was my favourite, closely followed by Switzerland, Norway and the UK. I got personall offended whenever the lithuanian song didn’t receive any points from the juries, and seeing it outside the top 10 had me kinda angry lol.

Hanner McSinny/Calvin
5 years ago

Russia missing is a shame, especially when it was that close. 🙁

5 years ago

@ Indeed Eugene.. Only to find out that a country that actually on the Semifinal alone that the songs there were much less than were in the final {considering even that the 10 best songs of the other SF qualified } with such bad placings like 7th in televoting-3rd in juries & 4th overall managed though to WIN the whole WiWi Vision thing is so unrealistic & surreal.. You would had thought that completely opposite phenomenon would happen.. This phenomenon that the 7th placed {in televoting} song in the SF alone was the big Winner of the Vision is just… Read more »

Eugene ESC UK
5 years ago

Not surprised at all that Hungary and Lithuania won the two Semi’s, these results seem more realistic to me. I had them both in my Top 4, (Lithuania was the best song in my opinion.) It was a bit of a shock when I saw Hungary 8th and Lithuania 11th in the final count. All the Semi results were very realistic, I think, I picked 18/20. I had Russia and Belarus…………………but these two countries don’t do well on this site usually!! As Mario says, Ireland came 7th in the Reader’s vote, SEVENTH, 3rd in the Wiwi Jury vote and 4th… Read more »

5 years ago

Hungary should have won!!!! And Lithuania was my second. Just like Kasey and Molly won their semi final polls, Markus won the final poll. You should find a way for people not to vote for their own country. The polls in this website are very Irish biased

5 years ago

Really interesting results! 🙂 So the big winner of the WiWI Vision Ireland was voted 7th(!!) on the televoting ~ 3rd(!) in the juries & 4th(!) overall after the combination of both televoting-juries.. Who would had really thought that the song of Ireland would had real serious chances of winning the whole damn WiWi Vision??! NO ONE i guess 😛 😛 It was a phenomenon like *Against All Odds* 4 Ireland & congratulations 🙂 At least on the real EuroVision even the winners Dima Bilan & ELdar/Nikki finished just 3rd & 2nd on their SFs.. There was no any juries… Read more »

jr esc nl
jr esc nl
5 years ago
5 years ago

What was Hungary’s song?